It’s Raining!


At the beginning of this year, I said on twitter that this 2012 will see more rain. I said this because…. I don’t even know why I tweeted that. Well let me say it was just a feeling. Last year we didn’t see enough rain. I missed rain! We are not even half way through 2012 and we have experienced heavy down pour and as I typing this post, its was pouring.

 I love the rain, when I was a young man growing up in North Kaneshie, I always looked forward to the rain for just one reason……so we could play!!. I, my siblings and friends always looked forward to the rain. And it was during those wet days that parents got worried. My mom and grandma would do everything possible to see us indoors anytime it rained because we were eventually going to get cold and the weak ones would eventually fall seriously sick. But we still loved the rain, I still love the rain.

Now when it rains, I see and hear my peers think and talk about just one thing, SEX. Well,at this age it is understandable but there is more to this life. I have some wicked friends. I call them wicked because they will ‘massacre’ in this weather. I know what I am saying. I have been there and done that, yes I thought of sex sometimes but not anymore. That phase is totally gone because quiet recently, my brain has been filled with so many issues that I am dealing with. I still think when its raining though. I think about a whole lot.

Ghana sees rain and lots of sunshine, lots of rain and sunshine throughout the year. Hope you get what I am saying here and during these periods, things really get messy in Accra. I am saying Accra because that is where I live. I have lived in Accra all my life and I am proud. The drainage system in the capital is bad as far as I’m concerned. I say this because a small amount of rain can cause problems. I have seen people drown in big gutters and I have seen water sweep flimsy structures such as kiosk, stalls and billboards. Yes, I wont lie.

The government has always promises to improve on drainage but the same thing happens every single year. I remember last year, a couple of people lost their lives at Circle and I know that this year, if it rains heavily, trouble!! I am not hoping for the worse for anyone, but this is a fact that cant be disputed if you know what I am talking about. I don’t understand the politician, why promise if you know you cant deliver? Eventually, the person giving you his/her vote will see the light and you will be doomed. I don’t know how the nation’s resources are being used but I will talk about this extensively in another post.

When its raining, trotro drivers especially don’t take any precautions and all they do is speed and speed in their rickety lorries, they even ignore simple traffic regulations and this amazes me a whole lot. How reckless can one get? Charle, I cherish my life a whole lot, I know that no matter how careful I am, I will still die but some death can be prevented. Don’t you think so? Most of these motor accidents can be prevented and care should be taken during this ‘rainy’ season. I hope that NADMO is prepared for any disaster and they should be well equipped and should act urgently when need be.

This season shouldn’t be all about sex and sex, there are more things to do like plant corn for you family to eat. At least, you get to save some money for your pocket.




4 thoughts on “It’s Raining!

  1. Rainy season lol eiii Ghana…

    Now… mate asie se Francis ka kyere me ono pe sex papa especially in rainy day…on his birthday afternoon in stormy Osu…ewurade…

  2. Real talk mate! And the funny thing is, those who usually talk about it are the most sex-starved!

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