Welcome Me…

Yo!! After several years of trying to blog, I am finally here. Don’t be surprised because I have been hinting on twitter (@mutombodapoet) and on facebook about my intentions. I know I’ll enjoy this whole blogging experience and I can see this (blogging) is catching on with some speed. Everybody is blogging!! I don’t read many blogs, just a few by my friends and to be honest some of those ‘sankwas’ friends don’t say anything at all. I don’t fear them!! I repeat, THEY DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

Performing at my prelaunch

My name is Mutombo but with the extensions it becomes Mutombo Da Poet. Yes, I am a spoken word artiste/poet and I have been seriously doing this since 2006. Charle, I have gone through so many shows and I’m not going to bore you with where I have performed and all that. Let’s save that for another time! But I have a spokenword album out, PHOTOSENTENCES has 13 tracks and it is surprisingly doing well in the country. ‘Surprisingly’ because spoken word/poetry is still young in Ghana. It was dead until poets like me and Sir Black started the resurrection process. Now we have so many poets and I know that very soon, it will be at par with hiplife and highlife music. If you don’t live in Ghana, you can get a copy of my album here mutombodapoet.bandcamp.com and if you live in Ghana, kindly find a copy of my album. I wont tell you where though. It was very soothing working with some of the country’s top producers and I am proud to be affiliated with Pidgen Music. Charle, just buy and listen, you go feel am waa…

One thing that has actually kept me away from reading blogs is the use of ‘big english’. Everybody is trying to look cool, I mean it is okay when needed but some people over do it. And I am that kind of guy who hates looking up words in the dictionary and I get distracted easily so big words have never done it for me. With my blog, you will have very simple vocabulary and I will make it a point to be distinct and clear as possible. Some people think using big words will make you sound ‘deep’ or smart. Look at Bob Marley, listen to his music, pay close attention to his choice of words, you will realize that he always used simple words but we all call him deep, conscious. So don’t worry at all, put that dictionary away for you won’t need that.

Some guys started passing funny comments when I told them about my intention to blog, Fred especially. Anyway, if you are guessing who Fred is, he was my mate in Accra Academy and he is now @paakoti on twitter. He said I am coming to blog ‘nyaa’(nyaa basically means worthless), I will show him that there is another side to mutombo. And this is just by the way, don’t think you are a celebrity because you have over 2000 followers. I have a lot to say, I go to different places, I chill with people and I am always on the move, sometimes I want to share my experiences but there is no medium. Well, there was a medium, I always knew about this whole blogging thing but I’m sometimes lazy. Okay I am talking too much!!!

Welcome to my blog and I believe this is my first post. You guys call it post, right? Join me as we journey!!










7 thoughts on “Welcome Me…

  1. I like your blog Mutombo! I also like your album, “Photosentences”. I actually met you at Blog Camp ’12 and bought it from you there. Glad to see you’ve taken up blogging. Also glad to see you’re not listening to Fred. I try not to. I met him at Blog Camp as well (and then later on Twitter). I didn’t know you were old friends? Anyways, ignore him, keep on blogging, and we’ll keep on reading.

    All the best,

    p.s. I also hate when people excessively use “big english”. I’m a firm believer in keeping it simple.

    1. hey thanks for the heads up!!yeah,i have known Fred since 1997 so i know him very well,i wont listen to him.how are things going with you??I am having a difficult time with the designing but i know with time,i will understand it.
      whats new with you?

  2. Congrats Mutombo Da Poet!!!!! Wooo xoxox
    I’m really d fan of ur spoken word cuz Im d 1 who also hate big word and practice so in my blog. I’m very very delighted I can meet ur word n thought here…and thanks again u always help me. Always. Without u, Im not alive. Keep up babe x am for u. Vim xxx

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