Bless Da Mic 2012


Bless Da Mic (BTM) is here again and being a part of it from its inception, I am elated. Yes, I have been a part of BTM from the start. I was performing alongside rappers, during those days, I was the only spoken word artiste. Well, maybe. BTM Music and Art Festival was a 2 day event and the first day, June 1 was patronized by a crowd mainly made up of young people who wanted something different.

I got to the Alliance Francaise at around 7pm and the show hadn’t started, it was suppose to start at 6:30pm but finally started at 9:41pm. Yes, I was looking at the time one my phone all the time because I saw people leaving and it was not a good sight. My friend, Fred who got there at 6pm with his wife and a friend had to leave at around 8pm. They had to get their money back at the gate. It was quiet a scene since the people at the gate were not ready for a ‘refund’. I had to intervene and they finally got back their 45ghC. Tickets were selling at the gate for 15ghC

Joel who has been with BTM from the beginning and is now a presenter at YFM was co-presenting with a lady called Agnes. I don’t know who she is but she looked stunning I must say. Her accent didn’t go easy on my ears and I sometimes pray for these people to slow down for me. They said the show would start with a cypher but honestly, I didn’t see any cypher going on. I might be wrong here but my idea of a ‘cypher’ is what goes down at the BET Awards, when a couple of emcees gather around and take turns in rapping. With this BTM Cypher, artistes were being introduced one after the other onto the stage to do their thing. Too bad I cant remember any of the names but I have pictures and I will be putting them up on my tumblr ( so do check them out.

Kwesi Trigga came on stage with a backpack and a Beat by Dre headphones around his neck and gave the audience a couple of songs. He was backed by a beautiful lady on one of the songs and his set went well. I have been following him for time and he has improved in so many ways. His stage craft was on point and he used the stage very well. I sometimes had to chase him with my camera just for shots.

I saw this lady perform for the first time, I have never heard her name but sources say she has been around for a while. Her name is Lousika. I won’t forget her outfit and I am sure some guys there were ‘worried’ during her time on stage. She came to mime to some of her songs and honestly, if it wasn’t for the pictures I took of her, I wouldn’t have remembered her at all. She had some ‘vim’ though but the sad thing is, she wasn’t miming right. I am sure she was not hearing herself so the miming was a little bit off. The one and only Macho Rapper in the country came to bless the stage which surprisingly went well because before his performance, he was telling me how he was feeling dull and all. I was expecting him to tear his shirt though like he mostly does but I waited in vain. He has been with BTM for time now and I remember those days at the weekly open mic sessions that we used to attend at Hypnotiq and Base Lounge.

All of these performers that I have talked about didn’t use the live band but the used a DJ and I would like to take this opportunity to echo DJ Mike Smith, he plays at Rockstones Office. dude was on point with his music on this night. My only problem with him was that, he didn’t play lots of tracks from Ghana. Maybe one day. The Skillions came on stage and they brought their own equipment/gadgets. I would love to shout Jayso out at this point and say well done. He has kept this group alive and their set was on point. The effects that were introduced were LIVE. No dirt on their performance at all and I know that this group has a whole lot more to offer. Shaker, Rumour, Paapa and other skillion member performed and I know they spent over 30mins on stage. I didn’t realize until after their set. It was Jayso birthday too but he looked to solemn. Well maybe he was reflecting because man dey grow!!

Kweku T came on stage to do a quick one, I think he wasn’t part of the line up, he was just acknowledged and he had this camera follow him on stage. To all of you ‘yoyo’ boys, you should have seen the Swag Society perform. I don’t like that ‘yoyo’ ‘flexing’ kind of rap but the energy these boys had got my attention. They worked the stage well and this group of 2 kept on galloping the stage back and forth and one of them had this long necklace in his hand throughout their time on stage. Charle, in Ghana we have everything and I would love you to take that time and go through my pictures to at least get a picture of what really went down.

Jay Town was the first act who performed with a live band and I thought the band was a little too loud. Jay Town is always on point and he was supported by Joey B. Jay has been in this game for time and has always paid his dues. He was clad in a Ghanaian outfit (boubou) and was one of a few who actually sported something local. Enough love to XO Senavoe. He took the stage next and dude was on point. He also did it with the live band and I really loved how he engaged the crowd with his talk about his upbringing, who he is working with and all that. His outfit was also on point and guess who joined him on stage to do a song? The beautiful Efya. She performed one song with XO. Chairs were brought on stage for them to sit and this was actually one of my best performances for the night. Everything from Efya’s voice to how their outfit matched and the whole concept was off the top. XO is really putting in work, I must say. The Madman himself Kwawkese joined XO. They performed a song together and Kwaw’s presence made the crowd go berserk. He skimmed through some verses from a couple of his songs and if I am allowed to say this, I think Kwaw is one of the best performers in Ghana, hands down. Kill me!

Jazzy, who is a poet and a rapper performed with EL and the latter took control of the stage after their performance and did a couple of songs with the live band. He performed Kaalu which was loved by the crowd. BTM has been a platform for the upcoming and underground artistes and you will be amazed with the talents you will come across during this Music and Art Festival. C-Real joined EL on stage and they did a couple of songs which to me went well. Too Tuff and Shocker aka Ella Shaz ended the first day of BTM with awesome performances. Too Tuff, a 2 man band did most of their hit songs and Shocker brought his whole army on stage to do ‘Odorna’ and other tracks by the Shaolin Mun’fuck (spelling)

June 2:I was supposed to perform at the Day 2 of BTM, but I had to leave since the rain messed everything up. I waited until 10pm and left because I was losing ‘vim’ and had some neck pains. I heard it was just okay but there were just a few people because of the rain. I was there when I heard of the plane crash at El-Wak Sports Stadium and RIP to all those who lost their lives. I should also add that the band, Afro Harmony did a very good job and I have performed with this band on so many occasions. They always get things right. Shouts to PY and the whole Bless Da Mic team, I hope next years will be bigger and better and I hope the month is changed because last year, the rain nearly messed up the whole thing.

Go to for pictures of this event



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