Twitter Curse and Blessing.


In April 2010 I joined twitter, I had signed up several months before but deactivated my account after a couple of minutes because I didn’t understand what was going on. A good friend of mine kept on exerting pressure on me to sign up again because it would help me promote my ‘stuff’, so I did. When I signed up in April, I took that time to sit back and study the whole thing, now I am noted as the guy who tweets so many times within a minute.

Twitter is a very useful social media tool that has really helped me to promote my spoken words, make people know where I am performing next and get personal with my fans. I have been on hi5, myspace (I’m still on myspace), and facebook (still on facebook) and I used each one of them to promote but to be honest, twitter has been way effective than all of them. And it’s funny since you have only 140 characters to say whatever you have to say. But like we all know, in every good thing, you can find some bad dangling loosely around it and twitter is no exception.

I know most people want to have so many tweet counts and because of this, they tweet just everything that crosses their minds without realizing the implications. I don’t know most of my followers personally, I have never come across many of them even though we interact smoothly on this platform. But I can tell you what goes on with them on a daily basis because of what they put out on their twitter. Not just things about them but their families and individual homes. I am aware that we are all different when it comes to our ways and doings and what I see wrong, most of you will have no problem with it but think about this, why skip a personal friend you know personally and tell strange people what you are going through or what is bothering a family member for that matter? I don’t see the sense at all. Twitter wants us to tell him what is going on with us but do you think it is right to tell him very personal things?

People use this platform as a penpal website and meet new friends and become ‘friends’. When there is a misunderstanding between them, they come on twitter and cuss each other out for others to realize what has gone on between them. I see this all the time and I wont hold back to say that, at the beginning of me on twitter, I got entangled in a similar situation. Man is wise now and I look past all of those mediocre stuff. On twitter everybody can fake their personality for all sorts of purposes. Some use theirs to create fun and others to inflict deep emotional wounds on others and you will never find out who is behind those parody accounts because they don’t use their real names and avatar. One of such accounts is that of a class talkative who has taken jabs at so many stars including Reggie Rockstone, Wanlov, Yvonne Nelson, Benny Blanco, and other random people on twitter. He has even talked about me before, didn’t have any idea of what he was talking about anyway. This parody class talkative account, with the name Naadu saw a rise in the number of followers in a very short time because people are interested in ‘kokonsa’.

Twitter is a blessing and a curse if you ask me and this really depends on the individual who is behind that computer or phone tweeting. Since I joined this platform, I have gained many fans(I had a fanbase before twitter) and I have actually been able to spread my work to a larger audience within and out of the country. I have made helpful contacts including poets, show organizers and other artists. For a person in the arts, I would recommend twitter on any day and I think it is the most effect if you ask me. I am still finding ways of stepping up my marketing moves on twitter and also forming a group where we will help others in the society, they don’t necessarily have to be on twitter. Last 2 years I tried to bring together a couple of people on twitter so we could help the less privileged around us but it didn’t work. Some people were willing but a majority was not with it at all. They were rather interested in the next party or show coming up, I think it is time we realize the good in helping others. Life is more than this.

My main purpose for this post is to make people aware of what they tweet, of what they talk about on twitter because it’s not safe out there. Someone might capitalize on your tweet and it will go a long way to tarnish your image. I might be wrong or you might disagree with me but this is my personal opinion, what I think and I won’t argue if you think doing otherwise is right. People are tweeting for money, people have been employed because of twitter. People have been beaten because of twitter and I am sure there have been deaths because of this platform. It’s all up to you, you choose. @mutombodapoet is my twitter handle and I use that to promote my spoken words and also other personal things.

I know a couple of artist who are using the social media to sell/market their stuff and it is working for them. I think that, no matter what you do, be it banking, sports, IT or school you can use twitter as a meaningful tool to share information about your field of work and you might be surprised with the good things that will come your way. I am glad that I finally signed up on twitter and thanks to Naa Kofi for that pressure.





12 thoughts on “Twitter Curse and Blessing.

  1. Great blog in my opinion. We fond of posting personal stuff on social networks (me inclusive) but honestly we should be careful what we post for u never know who is reading. Waiting to read a blog about politics in Ghana from you though

  2. Well said Mr Poet! Us tweeting whatever comes to mind is so true, we dont think about the implication or future repercussions, it is all about the now and laughter, it is about being accepted by strangers rather than family and friends (people we physically interact with daily) . We will rather pour out our hearts to the people who follow us than our close friends. I do that, that was because i thought i had a listening ear because as far as you follow me and i am not muted, you listen “read” to me. But truthfully most people are there for the laughter and not about your well-being.They dont care about how you are feeling or whether you are facing difficulties with lie, i have read tweets where people were making fun of death, making jokes about people who were killed or committed suicide, It’s because of such actions that make people keep things to themselves till they burst and it gets too late…..All i want to say is, This is a relevant post and i like it.

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