I am gathering the courage to write about a topic that most people shy away from. Not because I am also shy but I don’t really know how most of you will take it. I am putting your private business out there. No one should be angry with me after this, please. Since I became aware of this act in 1997, I have never seen or heard one person openly talk about it before and that has got me thinking. Is there a stigma surrounding this? I don’t think so because all you out there who have sex, feel proud and good and never hold back when talking to your friends about the good sex that you just had.

I guess by now you know what I am going to talk about? Yes, masturbation!! For those of you who don’t know what this is, I will try and break it down using my own two by four english. Masturbation is when you play or stimulate you penis or vagina with the aim of reaching your peak or orgasm. I hope I did well with this definition. Some use toys especially the women and with others, just the palms. The guys use their palms most of the time and no wonder some palms now look like vaginas. Masturbating can be performed with or without a partner and in this post, I want to talk about masturbating alone, ‘under secrecy’

Like I said before, I got to know of this practice in 1997 when I entered the Secondary School. No one had told me about it and I hadn’t read it anywhere at all. A friend of mine brought a porn magazine and I had the chance to bring it home. I was going through it in the toilet because I didn’t want my late mum to see what kind of magazine I was reading and then I suddenly started touching myself. That was the first orgasm that I experienced and yes I hadn’t had sex before this incident. In fact I masturbated for several more years before I had real sex and I won’t disclose if I still do this or not…..ok fine, I stopped doing it a long time ago, let’s just keep it at that. It might be a lie though. Whatever!

My thing is, why do people stay off from this topic? No one ever asked me if I masturbated until recently and funny enough the guys mostly shy away from this topic. I have had more girls tell me that they masturbate than guys even though I know almost all of my male friends have done it before or still do it. Reading from a couple of sources from the internet, most of us in our prime do masturbate and I agree with this 100%, no doubt. I have stopped quoting the bible and referring to the bible for everything but for you Christians out there, is masturbation in the bible? Has the book labeled it as a sin? Why do you not talk about this act but you are every ready to talk about the guy or girl you fucked? If fornication is a sin according to the bible, don’t you think masturbation too is a sin?

I have seen a couple of my friends masturbate before, they still don’t know and anytime this topic comes up, they act like they don’t even know what masturbating is. I am watching them and I am going to raise this topic again soon and when they fight it, I will refer them to that unfortunate day. I will never lie about this, I have even confirmed to some of my friends that I have done it before. Why should I lie about this and brag about the girl I have slept with? No way!! If you ask me, I think masturbation is even safer and more ‘easy’ than actual sex. I am saying ‘easy’ because you don’t go through the hustle of finding a partner and all of those stuff. I don’t think anyone has had HIV and all those other sexually transmitted diseases because he/she masturbated but I am sure a couple of people have these diseases because they had sex with someone. With all these reasons, why are we still shy to say, ‘I Masturbate!’??

I find my dog masturbating in the open, yes, when they lick their genitals and all that what do you think they do? I think it is normal for man to masturbate and be proud about it and I say this because almost all the times you have sex with another person, you feel proud because finally a mission has been accomplished. I can say that masturbating boosted my brain power because most of the time I had to use my imagination. I mostly imagined having sex with a particular person whilst I work on myself because I didn’t have a porno mag all the time. And most of you won’t believe this but when it comes to mental health, masturbating fights depression and stress. No pregnancies especially when you are not ready for a baby. It develops self-love and helps you discover yourself. Wink!

However, people feel guilty after they masturbate and I think its because of how the society sees it and in some areas, it’s a taboo to so. I have experienced some bad things because I masturbated anyway and I am ready to share them. I will agree if you see them as disadvantages, and remember, In every good thing, you find some bad. I have bruised myself several times whilst masturbating and this normally happens when there isn’t enough lubrication, there have been instances where I have had premature ejaculation and this mostly happens when u masturbate shortly before sex. Sometimes I ejaculate prematurely when I masturbate a day before having sex.

I would want us to see masturbation as having sexual intercourse and speak about it when need be. A friend of mine who is married recently confirmed to me that he masturbates even though he has a wife and gave me solid reasons why. I respected him for that but most of you will lie about this and come to me with all glory and tell me about the girl you just shagged.

Get Outta Here!!!



7 thoughts on “Self-Loving!!

  1. Massa you nailed it on the head.. What no one is saying, you said it with ease.. This is so positive… Currently following your steps… But the photo be wild ooo… hahahhahhahaha

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