Rest In Peace Maame Ama Koomlet

I have heard the news!! I don’t want to believe, but unfortunately, what I heard this morning is true. I have had a very rough 3 weeks and this has made matters worse. If this is true, then I will draw my conclusions about life and for that matter death. If death can take such a calm and pure soul, then I am nothing on the face of this earth that man lives.

I met Maame Ama Koomson a couple of months ago at a friend’s party and we suddenly ‘clicked’. I love bothering quiet people a whole lot because I always have my way so I took that chance to bother her on the first day. It was fun on the first day, she later told me that she already knew who I was and even had a copy of my album which her sister wants to take from her. I later realized she was following me on twitter so I followed her back and since then, we have been talking constantly. Via whatsapp and phone calls.

Damirifa Due

She was a new friend but we talked about things that most of my oldest friends still don’t know about because she made me believe her and she opened up to me easily. She encouraged me like a sister and I remember the day we talked about my poems/spoken words. She refueled me, she gave me hope and she said that once she likes the album, I should believe that everyone would love it. My fingertips are heavy, tears are gathering and my heart is heavy. This shouldn’t be true!!!

I remember our time out, after the charlewote festival, we went to KFC and as Glen and Kafui were ‘fooling’, she laughed and laughed and would chip in a word or two intermittently. I was staring at her, that day I looked at her so many times. That was the last time that I set eyes on her but it was our plan to meet again to chill but situations didn’t allow us, then she got sick. I now know why we both kept on stealing glances and later laughing over that on whatsapp. She was relaying a message to me, ‘this is the last time you are seeing me.’

Maame Ama, I thank you for helping me find the Anomabo Beach Resort, and I really loved the place but it’s sad we cant go there together. I thank you for everything, you know I can’t say everything here. It won’t be apprioperate. But one thing I know for sure is that, you will always be in my heart.

And where ever you may be, Mi Ma Wu Damirifa Due. Da Yie



13 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Maame Ama Koomlet

  1. Touching piece. Maame Ama was an angel living among humans. She will be fondly remembered. Mutombo,u forced a tear out of my eyes with this one.

  2. death why are you so wicked?….. Ama rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our father Abraham…. we will miss u, I will miss u…

  3. am really sad this morning, i dnt know this lady but am extremely heartbroken and sad abt her death…..she is too young, too pretty may God give her a resting place. This shud tell us to be prayerful and watch course that hour is near. Maame i wish i new u before now but death didnt allow us am sorry am sorry…kpo kpo yaa wor adzo gbann

      1. mutombodapoet,u c, we can never understand God,if we do or did then our existence on earth has no meaning.its only God who knows why He takes His children away at an appointed time when we least expert………..its sad that everything including we humans would pass away but the word of God will still remain.we all have some where going after life and that some where no one knows until we get there.God loves us and He knows what is best for all of us …u included.Dont try to understand God,He is the author and finisher of our faith.He knows best even when we are happy,sad,frustrated,excited……. we have a part to play so our souls weould be at a better place when we are called one day by our heavenly Father.

  4. Maame my dear cousin I remember the trip to Ghana in 2009. We sat in the kitchen drinking Milo chatting i wish i had another moment like that my I see you in Heaven R.I.P Koomlet xxx

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