Ambolley’s Album Launch

After the Youtube Ghana Launch, we went to another launch. I had totally forgotten about this until Wanlov reminded me. This was an album launch and there was no way I was going to miss this. Gyedu Blay Ambolley was launching his twenty fifth album called Sekunde.

Ambolley is one of the artists that I respect so much and you will be surprise to know that, I started following and singing his songs when I was a kid. If you really grew up in Ghana, then I guess you know a couple of his ‘rap’ songs by now. He is known as the ‘father of rap’, not only to Ghana but to the world. His first album SIMIGWADO was released in 1973 and it was a rap album in the fanti language so this title makes sense to me. He has received so many awards including… many!!

The launch was at the Alliance Francaise and the place was so packed with people who had come to grace the occasion, it was difficult for us to even find a parking space and it was surprising to see that they were not charging at the gate. I hope people bought the album.  Ambolley took us through a couple of his old songs and audience hummed and sang along, I had to dance at a certain point. One thing I would like to talk about is the sound. Alliance Francaise’s sound is always on point and last night wasn’t any different. The right levels and you could hear every instrument. Such a sound is already a ‘motivation’ to me and I was wishing I was on the bill to perform but….

After performing about five songs from his past, he gave the audience a taste of what to expect with his new Sekunde album. One word that comes to mind is SOLID!! The style of Ambolley is so unique and the ‘crispy’ sound of his voice has always baffled me. I always comment on his voice. This is his twenty fifth album, I mean 25th. I just have one album out (PHOTOSENTENCES), when will I get to twenty five?? I think he has come this far because of his uniqueness and also because he represents where he comes from. No fake things like some Ghanaian artistes do now.

His launch inspired me in so many ways and an idea descended upon me for poem when I was listening to his lyrics in one of the songs he performed. I hope to be successful with my artform and I hope to get to album number 25 one day. More vim and I know this new album of his is going to do well both on the Ghanaian and International market.

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