www.youtube.com.GH launch

more pix here- mutombodapoet.tumblr.com

Yesterday 21-June-2012 was that other day. I had a solemn morning and also a calm early morning and then around 2pm, I had to meet Wanlov and Mensa so we go to the Youtube Ghana launch at Citizen Kofi. We ‘chopped’ fufu first at a base around Asylum Down, I hadn’t eaten the whole day so I did justice to the fufu.

We were to perform at this launch and in my mind, I thought it would be fit to perform something around the theme ‘YOUTUBE’ but I had nothing like that. The notice came a little late so I didn’t have that time to write something down.

The launch was graced by familiar faces, people in the media and all. A youtube representative who came down from Spain took audience through the ‘youtube journey’, thus, where they started to where they are now. Some of the figures he mentioned was baffling to me especially the videos people watch on youtube daily. I think the figure was 4 billion. So why don’t people watch my videos then? Anyway, here is my youtube channel-www.youtube.com/mutombogh. He also told us about how people are using youtube to make a name for themselves and stuff like that. It was an awesome presentation even though I wasn’t attentively.

I took to the stage and did a spoken word performance, took them down memory lane to the period where youtube wasn’t around and told the audience how every person is capable of being a star nowadays because of youtube. Those days, it was just the television but now we can shoot a video with our phones and other video gadgets and just upload on youtube. Other youtube reps came to basically talk about how people are using youtube and how people can use youtube to their benefit. The beautiful songstress, Efya took the stage to perform a song and after, XO Senavoe joined her on stage to do a song for mothers. It was awesome.

What basically went down was how to use youtube for results and at a point, five people were engaged in a short interview. This was basically about when they started using this website and how beneficial it has been to them. This panel included Ameyaw Debrah and my Pidgen Music Label boss, Panji ANOFF. The Fokn Bois finally performed and as usual, they were so fokn on stage. They force the host to say the name ‘FOKN’ and Estelle struggled a little before saying this.

It was a good launch and we welcome YOUTUBE GHANA. You see, I forgot that Carlos Sekyi came to talk and represent the Ghana Music Union or something like that. He didn’t say anything proper and was dry charley. We were given a youtube bag with some youtube goodies and I am even using the portable mouse now. My thing is, why is it so necessary to have YOUTUBE GHANA (www.youtube.com.gh)? Like what difference will it make??

Pictures of this event can be found at mutombogh.tumblr.com


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