Ama Is In The Sky With DIvers

June drops tears on the window pane,
transmitting to us, an ounce of that widow’s pain.
Now the clouds gather beneath the skies upon rivers
because a pure soul has been exhumed by divers.
But she’ll rain in common hours and flood her previous premises,
marry man’s friendly smile to acquire the title of missus.
Ama loathes heights but she now resides in an acme,
but she has no fright because God understands Fanti luckily.

A saint on earth graduated into an angel above the skies,
Gabriel knew those soles were not for red sand but white roses,
and heaven wanted to replace a billion fireflies.
Now memories of a certain smile linger, they are gone so no more doses,
tears are frail and weary, eyes settles mournfully on wheelchairs,
bony jaws drop like beltless pants,
but a gentle smile descends from above and the bearer steal stares,
from His bosom, in the midst of bliss, so hold your rants.

Ama is gone, she eloped with eternity,
shameful angel of death now has clipped wings, I know this with certainty,
because he missed, hitting the bulls eye needs skill.
Who administered this, to even cause the wind to be still?
Ride on queen, you are sheltered in several hearts,
don’t find reason, for this is difficult to understand like abstract arts.
This world is prison and freedom comes after death,
How I wish time could reverse, to the time of your birth.

I usually don’t write poems like this, I am not talking about the theme or subject but this style of poetry, but I had to do this for a beloved from Maame Ama Koomson. I wrote this poem in 45 minutes. May she Rest In Peace.


13 thoughts on “Ama Is In The Sky With DIvers

  1. Dont knw you and never met you but, rest in the bosom of your creator and find eternal rest with his angels. Demirifa Due!!! RIP

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