Talk Party Series

The Talk Party, organized by Accra[dot]Alt, echo to Sionne and Mantse, has been going on for quiet sometime now. I have attended all but one and the reason I missed that particular one is because I had to perform somewhere. The Talk Party is a place where people meet to talk/discuss about a common issue and it has been a great platform where I realize how people think, and it has been a place where I have met good people from all over. There is always food at the end of every talk and that makes it exciting*grins*.

I have a whole lot to say but I will keep it very short and simple. Last night’s talk party (29th June, 2012) was about Money, Power and Sex and 4 people who attended the Money Power and Sex Conference in South Africa came to relay to us, what went on at the conference. Nana Darkoa, Crystal, Kobby Graham and Elvina(pardon me if I am wrong) did a good job by sharing with us what they saw, learnt and experience during the conference. I think Nana Darkoa did a good job by not holding back with her words. She talked freely about sex and I think you should all check her blog out.-

I actually learnt a whole lot and even though I was busy with camera, I was actually listening. What I have realized with most of this talk party series that most of the times we veer off the main topic that is to be discussed and last night’s was no exception. At a certain point I was totally confused and I really thought I wasn’t listening but a couple of friends, about 3, also complained to me and at a point one guy stood up to contribute and said the same thing.

All the same, I think it went down very well and I respect the effort of the organizers who make this talk party possible but what I really want to see is action and not just talk and talk. I remember there was a topic where we discussed the burning of computer parts and other things that is harmful to the environment around Sodom and Gomorrah. That was a very enlightening topic and the short video that backed it up made things look very serious. In fact, that situation is serious and it’s still going on. Instead of us just coming to sit and talk about the situation, I think there should be action too. Our talk-talk won’t solve anything, we should get out there and take action!!

Paapa, a member of the skillions gave audience 3 solid performances and Amai Kudi from Toronto also came through with some deep songs. She was backed by our own Kyekyeku on guitar. The Talk Party Series happens every last Friday of every month and it happens at the Passions Café Osu Ringway, around Country Kitchen. Hope to see you next month. And more pictures of this particular event can be seen at



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