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The last talk party series that I attended (I talked about it in my previous post), made me aware of something. Well, I have been aware of it for some time now but there was nowhere to talk about it. Since I have a blog now, I think I will use this medium to touch on it. I will be talking from my perspective because I am not present when you guys are having sex with your partners but I know that it is something that happens in most bedrooms. And all what you read in this post maybe ‘fiction’ or ‘true’.

Men are selfish during sex, and I know most of you will fight this but I think it is very true. We are selfish when we are having that private, intimate time with our partners. All we think about is how we are going to get satisfied sexually, rarely thinking about our partners. Do we think about our partners all the times when we have sex? Do we even ask if she is okay, if she is enjoying the act, are there any special request, should you go slow or fast or do we even give her that look as you thrust? How many of you can say ‘yes’ to all of these questions?

Personally, when it comes to sex, I know I have many flaws and I won’t even lie about that but with the very first day, I hardly fail because I would want her to come back for more. Like how they say ‘the first appearance counts’, I think the first encounter too counts and for her to return for a second time depends on how things turn out the first time. I don’t think any lady would return to any ‘yawa’ man for the second time if he is not able to make her reach her peak or please her. Because of this, I do all what it takes to please her, my lady will tell you this and all the women I have been with will actually attest to this. I go down(I try with the tongue), I spend so much time on foreplay trying to get her in the mood and I ensure that I cover every bit of her body with either my lips, tongue or fingers before intercourse.

Ask me if this same thing happens the second time and the rest of our sessions if we find ourselves in the position? No, it never happens and I know that this is applicable to most of you guys out there. I have been trying to find reasons as to why this happens and I hope someone out there will give me a tangible reason. Some think they have already ‘conquered’ so no need repeating what happened the first day. Is it something natural, like is it something normal to ‘mankind’? All those men out there who pay serious attention to their partners during every encounter should be rewarded, no lie!!! All we want to do is to enter that dry pussy for our own benefits and I have had my woman complain of bruises afterwards. Sometimes we splash saliva on our penis or the pussy but is this the right thing to do? She needs some foreplay, she needs some ‘loving’, it shouldn’t be all about us!!

We don’t have to wait to get high or drunk before pleasing that lady, I think it should be a daily routine. If you have a problem with her, kindly let her know and you will be doing her a lot of good. You didn’t tell her the first day, and we all know why but I think after getting used to her, you can find a suitable way of tell her. Maybe her pussy odour wasn’t so pleasant, she wasn’t so active in bed, you didn’t like how she was moaning(yes, moaning plays a big role for me)….no matter the case just let her know and stop cheating during sex! They need some loving too. It’s not right to watch her give you ‘head’, please you in every way only for you to pounce on her, just like that. I have realized something, I think this happens mostly when one has several sex partners, I maybe wrong here but think about this, when you are having sex with only one lady, you cherish her and all, you are so into her and all, do you think that such a selfish act would happen?

Anyway, all I am asking for is for us to treat our ladies right in the bedroom and stop being selfish, they also deserve to cum, they need to enjoy the whole act just like we men do. Speak with her during the act, find out what she would love to experience, appreciate her body and watch her always come back for more..

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