Sarkodie’s BET Award

Hey! Charley I know I have been dull with this blog of mine, I am suppose to be posting every day. That is a personal promise I made when I started with this blog. Anyway, last week was very eventful, especially on Friday. I heard they have passed the law finally in Ghana. You can’t talk on your phone whilst driving; they said you can’t even use any headset at all and you always have to ensure you are wearing your seat belts. Failure will attract a fine and even a jail term. If you ask me, I think this is in the right direction but will these work in GHANA? The police like ‘bribe’ too much. Okada too has been banned!

Well, that is not what I want to talk about today, so let’s leave that for another day. Like I said earlier, last week was so eventful; one of the major activities that went on was the BET Award 2012 in America. I have been watching this award ceremony for time, I don’t recall watching any LIVE though because I don’t have cable, never had cable, so I always have to wait for the recorded tape from friends.

Yesterday, I had the chance to watch it with a friend and even before that, the internet gave me info about what actually went on, especially with our Ghanaian nominee, Sarkodie (What Else, To All My Hunnies On The Block). I really think that awarding him backstage was nonsense, it was yawa kraa!! I mean how? I am aware that some awards were given backstage and all, but Sarkodie is an international act, I mean INTERNATIONAL!! You make a young soul fly several miles across the ocean, in a plane to America only to give him a plaque backstage? What do you take us for, BET? But I blame Ghanaians, we have allowed all this to happen to us. We kowtow to anything that is International-‘BET is coming to Ghana, yaaaaay!!!!’.. We don’t sit back and even relax small kraa to think about what is on the table or what has gone on before, since it is international, it means it’s good. Yawa!!

Artists from Ghana are hungry for international recognition but are not ready to put out good works, all they want to say is, ‘I have been here and there!’ but you are putting out two by four music. We should sit back and work on our art and just see how these ‘INTERNATIONAL’ people will treat us. Let’s just try and see. They should have given Sarkodie some shine, he should have come on stage to ‘recite’ his acceptance speech for Jay Z etc to see him.*what else?*.okay, so I am thinking, what does INTERNATIONAL mean to BET? You see, only America is international to them and I would be grateful and very glad if we Ghanaians ditch these awards for some time. See how we treat international stars when they come to Ghana, do we get the same when we are outside? Kai!!

Watching the BET last nigh,t I was sad, confused and excited at the same time. I was sad because of my country Ghana, confused because you couldn’t tell if they were miming or not, but they were not miming and excited because I was watching something that was pleasing, beautiful. When is Ghana migrating from those plywood stages? I mean, haven’t we done that for long? Can’t we go a step ahead? Do people always have to walk from backstage and eventually fall because a carpet wasn’t laid well? When are we going to switch from using those 3 or 4 coloured bulbs and use better lightening system? I feel sad when people are all hyper when a concert/show/GMAs is coming up, you are not going to see anything different from the previous one. The same!! Artist come and mime to their songs and most of them don’t even mime right? When you ask why they mime, they will tell you how microphones fail in Ghana. Is this supposed to happen?

This post is getting long, I talk too much… but I hope things are checked for our own good. The entertainment industry is messy here and that is why BET do we yawa!!





8 thoughts on “Sarkodie’s BET Award

  1. You`ve Said it all bro,we have to work on our stage an not accept anything backstage plus another annoying things is he had to seriously? its high time..

  2. International Acts have never been awarded on-stage. Past winners like Estelle (UK), D’Banj 2 Face, Wretch 32 , Sway etc… have all had their awards backstage. So I think its got nothing to do with Ghana’s attitude. Other well etablished countries when it comes to entertainment have also recieved their awards backstage.

    1. if you read my post well,u will see that i mentioned what you are saying.that post has different issues all gelled into one.but yeah,i think Ghanaians go ‘gaga’ over anything international!!

  3. Ayt. But I dont think this is ‘anything’.. I mean its the biggest ethnic award show in the world. Considering the fact that the Afro-Cultural race is a force to reckon with in Global Entertainment. . . I honestly think they should. lol Well thats my opinion u see… lool . The post is thought-provoking as anyway. Like it

  4. Nice one there MutomboDaPoet
    I like the way u started by the driving laws passed in Ghana and the okada business too.

    Haven’t seen the BET yet, but did Obidi really receive the award backstage? There should be some reasons behind if that hasn’t happened in a BET award before and i don’t think it is because of the low standards of awards organised here. But as u said ‘man for be man for ein own land’ and stop chasing those things and let them chase us…. its not easy but originality is the best.

    We have the stars like Sarkodie and the like so why can’t we get there? E go bee …. one day!!!

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