HIV Prevention Cream

Finally, it is here!! You can now have unprotected sex with a person affected with HIV and still not get or give virus. Finally we can enjoy sex without any worries, like when the condom you are using gets broken during the act or when you finally decide to take condom off so you enjoy each other well well, skin to skin. I am wondering why it took long for this to come around, did they have it all along and just wanted us to suffer? These people!!!

It’s a cream called Zinziny and it has been tested by the Health body for the past six months and it works, 100%, no hitches. Zinziny is a cream for men, and it is to be applied on the penis, five minutes before sex, with emphasis on the head of the penis. One just has to ensure that a little amount enters the meatus and that is it. Apparently, this works as a resistance and it has some chemicals that fights and kills the virus which is transmitted subliminally during sex.

My argument is this, why did they keep so long to put this out? I know these people; they waited for this long so we can carry this disease on our heads for some time. This is not right? Anyway, it’s finally here so man is not going to use condoms anymore, sex can finally be exciting!! The company responsible for this should be awarded, charley. I am saying this because most of my friends hate condoms, who doesn’t like ‘raw’? Sometimes we want to know how wet and how our partners feel but the condom!! Zinziny will start selling at the end of this month and the surprising thing is that, it’s going to be cheap it’s going for $2 and I hope it reaches Ghana fast. Most of the times, drugs like this are so expensive so this comes as a surprise. I think I am going to be the first to get this when it arrives in Ghana. I am excited!

I was talking with Rudolf, @simpol_tinz, Adwoa and Galileo about sex yesterday and I told this lie, but they believed me. Glen knows how I look when I lie so I was finally caught. What a shame. Please there is no cream like that, thank you!


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