Sometimes you have so many things to post about and when you finally sit behind the pc, you don’t know what to post about. I don’t know if I am the only person who experiences this but I hope it’s a normal thing. Anyway, thanks for reading and I pray that you come back because I have so many things to post about. Both bad and good stuff so keep on coming.

I want to send a big echo to Nelson Mandela for celebrating his 94th birthday on the 18th of July, 2012. I always wonder when his name pops up in convos and when I come across his name on the internet or where ever. This is a true icon, you know. He helped fight apartheid in South Africa (if you don’t know what apartheid is, then stop reading this post), went to jail for over 2 decades, came out of jail and became the president of South Africa. How is this possible from a single man? I remember, when I turned 27, i was like ‘so Mandela was in prison for this long? 27 whole years, my friends!! I mean how?!!

Anyway, Madiba is a man you should look up to if you are that kind who looks up to people. You will be on the right path if he is your mentor etc. Now, with this life that we live now, how many of us can live for that long? Have you thought of that? Do you think of death sometimes? Well, I do think about that sometimes, especially when I am sick and all that. No matter what I do, I will die! But won’t it be better when we know when we are going to leave? It’s good and fun to grow old and I know this because I lived with my grandma all my life… well, until she died in 2005. I saw her smile at her grandchildren, I hear her express her love for her kids and she always talked about how she suffered to raise all of those kids…she said, it was her turn to enjoy and I know she did enjoy before she passed.

With this life that we live, are we going to get old one day? And when I say old, like past age 50. Our minds are filled with all sorts of wrongs so I keep on wondering. Well, if you ask me, I do want to grow old one day and see my grandchildren and all but is that even possible? We don’t even eat right and we don’t watch what we eat. For the past 4 years or so, I have lost so many peers and they keep on passing. I have a funeral this weekend and it keeps on coming. Is it supposed to be so? Instead of working for our own betterment we concentrate on the person we are going to have sex with next. Is this life? I really want to talk extensively about all these and I promise you that they will come in subsequent posts.

This post is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and I am not even going to waste paper space talking about what he did and didn’t do, it’s all on the internet like this post so search. He will be in my heart forever and I pray that we all look up to him and not rap stars. Ah, but wait, what is the story behind Mandela and Naomi Campbell?


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