Faint Medal

My heart goes out to the family of former president John Evans Atta Mills, especially to his wife, Mrs. Naadu Mills. Death is just mean!! I am still shocked at his death anyway but life should go on and death should not hold any of us back.  My post is not about death, neither is it about the life and times of our late president, it is about a band, an afro-rock band that I came in contact with some months ago.

I have known Kyekyeku for a while now, we have shared several stages and he has even backed me with his guitar so many times. Syn, the vocalist of this band has that voice that cuts through the atmosphere with agility and you would want to hear him sing over and over again after the first. There are other solid members of the band, names are not ‘handy’ at the moment and together they form Faint Medal, an afro-rock band.

I don’t know how they came up with that name, I think I heard Syn break that down sometime back but I was not paying attention. After hearing this band play, the meaning of their name will be a secondary matter because they are that solid. Anytime I watch or listen to them, my mind goes to Osibisa or Aerosmith, and no I am not comparing, I’m just talking about how I forget my worries and all when I hear them play.

The first time I saw them play was at Indie Fuse 2011, I was the host and also the performer on that day. I had heard their first single I Dey Feel You Die which featured Yaa Pono, a Pidgen Music label mate but watching them perform was another story altogether . The energy they transmit to their audience is awesome and during their performance on that day, I never saw anyone in the crowd sit. Maybe that ‘apachi’, who was in his seat throwing his hands rhythmically and also singing along.

I have watched them closely since that day, watched them perform on several stages and they always steal the show. I never thought that Ghana would ever have a rock band and this shows how people especially the youth are breaking away from the ‘normal’. Ghanaians like to copy, they love to follow, they hate to create and they hate challenges, these are what I have realized over the years so this afro-rock band comes as a surprise. Faint Medal had a show at the Hush Lounge on the 21st of July 2012 and I watched them perform 16 songs back to back, one this I loved about that show was how they engaged the crowd and how everything was intimate.  I am already looking forward to their next show because I want more of that energy, more of those solid tunes.

Listen to their first single, I Dey Feel You Die here

I will be recording with Syn soon and that will be awesome!!


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