It has been a week now since our former president passed, it was exactly at 2:15pm at the 37 Military Hospital in Ghana. Today, at that exact time, a minute will be dedicated to him and I hope people respect and recognize it. You might read this post after that period anyway. I have not posted in a while, well, a couple of days and I wonder why. I started this whole blogging thing with ‘vim’ and now vim is dying. I am just being lazy and I have to sit on my ass and be doing this more frequently or maybe because I am sick? May John Evans Atta Mills rest in peace.

I went to a party on Friday and I realized something, before I  go my ‘realization’, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you all that I am not a night club person. Until I have something serious to do there, I don’t go clubbing because of the smoke. It gets me sick all the time and I’m talking about smoke from cigarettes. When I heard the government had passed a law about 2 weeks ago to ban smoking in public places, I was like ‘yes!!’… This is something that should have been enforced a long time ago, I mean, I am not against smoking but don’t do it around people. Not everyone out there smokes and I’m sure some who smoke don’t even want to inhale smoke from others. Anyway, the government passed that law so no smoking in public places, Amen to that.

I’m sure that ‘Amen’ wouldn’t work because people still smoke in public places. I realized this when I went to the party on Friday. It was so bad I had to leave there early. People were smoking left, right like there was no law at all. Or I didn’t hear well or these people are not aware. Maybe the club owner too is not aware. Yes the party was in a night club. I was so confused so I asked a friend of mine who was smoking if he had heard about the ban on smoking ‘thingy’, he pulled a puff, blew it in my face and was like, ‘yeah, e be bad oo!!’ I think I know the problem here, it’s a funny one though but still….i think people think the ‘public’ there means outside, like on the streets etc. since you are in a building(night club) then it’s cool to smoke. What other reason can I give here?

Please there is a ban on smoking in public so don’t do it, and public here includes night clubs, pubs, lounges, schools, and everywhere public. Smoke in your homes please. But I am wondering what the penalty is if you are caught smoking in public? Jail term or just some small fine? Knowing these people, this will be another avenue where small tips(bribes) will be given to those who will be responsible to check that people don’t smoke in public. Hmmm!!! Anyway, I promised to keep this post short. More vim to you and yours and remember the dead in your prayers.


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