Been a while since I posted something here, right? Kindly forgive me and put the blame on tigo internet. Those people are failing me big time!! Anyway, I have little time to comment on their bad internet services. Let me move straight to what I really want to talk about today. But before that, I hope everybody is great even though the nation is still in a state of mourning. May our late Atta Mills still rest in peace.

I am volunteering for 4 weeks; it started on Monday 6th August, 2012. I am taking part in this project with a Charity Organization in the UK called Akosia. You can check them out here- www.akosia.org. They are training the kids from the Street Academy in Jamestown, how to make their own film. And when I say film I mean FILM!! The kids are going through an intense training on how to produce their film, so the learn how to use the camera, develop a script, directing, acting and everything that is needed in order to produce a good film.


Not just that, this year, the focus is on sickle cell so they are being educated on this disease and everything that comes with it. We have already had a lady who has sickle cell to talk with the kids and so far, I can say it has been so good. I have always loved working with kids, I guess most of you know that. I am filled when I chill with kids so this has been a great opportunity for me. We are 3 days into the program and I am already seeing a whole lot of potential in these children, all of the 40 kids who are taking part have something special within and one of the kids that I love most is this pretty girl called Janet Botchwey. Akosia has been doing this project for a couple of years now and last year, M3nsa and Sam Kessie were a part of the 2011 group.

As the weeks come by, I will be updating you on what is going on and kindly do well to check-out the website www.akosia.org. Be a part!


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