I have not been well, I have to admit, sicknesses keep on coming and going but I still have ‘vim’. As for the vim, I will never lose it. But I am getting better by the minute, today I woke up feeling ‘easy’ and I know by noon or evening, I will be strong. I just need more sleep. Through all these mishaps, my mind is focused on one thing, my show tomorrow 18th August, 2012 and I can’t wait charle!!!

Been looking forward to this show for a couple of weeks now and it’s almost here. Tomorrow, I am going to share with the audience, my experiences and words from when spoken word started for me. I will perform spoken words back to back and the audience will be involved throughout. This is going to be the most intimate show you have ever attended, and to tell you the basic truth, it’s going to be awesome!!

I will be performing with a guitarist and I hope you all know Kyekyeku and also a percussionist called Joe Black, we have been sharing ideas and all and because we want this to be ‘raw’, we don’t spend time rehearsing and rehearsing, we just share ideas and that is it. I don’t even know what to expect on that day and that makes it awesome. I am going to call random people from the crowd to come to the mic and this is something I am looking forward to, putting people on the spot. There is one person that I am looking forward to ‘bug’ paa.

Guess what? M3nsa and Wanlov aka FOKN BOIS will be there to support me and they will step to the mic , Yaa Pono and Lady Jay will also be there to support charle. It’s a Pidgen Music thing!!! I can’t wait to see everybody there and I can’t wait to have fun!! Everybody will get a copy of my spoken word album, PHOTOSENTENCES. It starts at 7pm and it will take place at Hush Lounge, in the premises of Labone Coffee Shop, Labone Accra.

More Vim!!!


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