Big In Ghana Tour

fokn bois doing Koti Duro

Hey, nobody should abandon me yet, I have not stopped blogging oo, I just don’t spend time behind this laptop often. It’s too bulky to carry around and I am always on the move. The battery does not even last, without power it stays on for just 4 minutes. Don’t worry, I will get myself a new Mac soon, okay?? Ah, but wait, I have been blogging all the time oo… yes, if they say tweeting is micro-blogging then it means I have always been blogging, anaa? If you don’t believe me, then follow me @mutombodapoet and see something. Anyway, just don’t forget about this blog because I am not stopping, okay?!!

I have been on tour with the FOKNBOIS, EFYA, YAA PONO and some other four artists. This tour is dubbed the BIG IN GHANA TOUR and I am very happy to be a part of this tour. Well, the truth of the matter is that, Mutombo Da Poet is not performing; neither is the Sankwas Bois because FOKNBOIS ditched us the last minute. It’s cool though.  Jokes!! Anyway, this is just not a tour, before this tour started, there were a series of auditions for artists in Takoradi, Tema, Kumasi and Accra because foknbois didn’t just want to go on a tour like what every artist will do, they wanted to add a touch to this tour by selecting four underground cats to join them. They winner at the end will get a prize package which I hear is worth like 20,000ghC.

In Takoradi, Anas was selected, in Tema, Ohene was chosen, in Kumasi this group called NT4 were called on board and in Accra, this humble soul called Bright was selected. I have seen all of them perform in Takoradi and Tema and have even had the chance to interview them, yes, interview them. Well, that is my role with this tour, together with @simpol_tinz, we go round interviewing people with regards to the whole tour thing and it’s been awesome. In Takoradi, FoknBois called us on stage to perform but we did not mind them kraa, we were in the crowd doing our thing.

The Takoradi show was awesome even though it started late, the stage is massive and the sound has been on point even though there were some challenges in Tema, at the Chemu Park, where the second edition of the concert took place. In Takoradi, Gyedu Blay Ambolley surpised the Fokn Bois when they were on stage and I could see the look on Wanlov’s face. He was really surprised, we all didn’t know that Ambolley would be there. It was fun, charley!! Efya has really soared, I love the way she engages the crowd and is always on point when it comes to communicating with the band. As for Yaa Pono, I have no words for him. Dude has been killing it all the time, mehn!!!

Bavaria, the main sponsor of this tour should be congratulated for putting such a tour together and the nicest thing about this is the live band that backs each artist. The Afro Harmony Band has etched their name in the bosom of the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry and they are steadily climbing. This band is made up of young men, all in their 20s, I think, and they play awesomely well. I have performed with them a couple of times so I know what I am talking about.

In Takoradi, we interviewed most of the artists in their rooms early in the morning, they didn’t even know we were coming, I think that was fun but wasn’t really fun when we had to track wanlov down somewhere in town. Dude woke up early in the morning to just ‘roam’. We are waiting for the Kumasi and Accra version which will be this Friday and Saturday respectively. Will tell you about it but in the meantime, don’t forget that PY is the host for this tour…e dey bore me bia!!!

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