Big In Ghana Tour(Kumasi&Accra)

Of late dier I am trying, anaa? I have been able to post regularly, yes, I do, and I love every minute of it. All my previous posts are worth reading so do well to go back into time and just enjoy. Finally the Big In Ghana tour came to an end on Saturday 1st September, 2012 with the biggest concert at the Holy Gardens, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra. We all knew that Accra’s version was going to be the biggest and our thoughts came to life. I have already told you guys about the Takoradi and Tema versions of the concert, I am left with Kumasi and Accra then my job is done.


Kumasi was awesome, the people and the energy. We got there at 2:30 on Thursday 30th august, 2012 and it was straight to business after we checked into our hotel called the Promised Land (I dey feel the hotel ein name waa). Wanlov and Mensa went straight to Kapital Radio to be interviewed by DJ NY, one of the DJs who have given my spoken word album, Photosentences loads of love in Kumasi. The interview was awesome, it gave us a good welcome to Kumasi. But charley, on the real, Kumasi traffic is on another level ooo… No lie!! Not much was done on the Thursday apart from the fufu I ate with Mensa at that place and I remember the guy who came to ‘short’ us. He didn’t show mercy on our fufu at all, the guy chop oo…

fokn bois at Kapital Radio

On the morning of the day for the Kumasi version of the Big In Ghana Tour, Mensa and I went to buy some hausa koko in the morning paa and charley, this koko was very brown, I mean deep brown, far from the ones we have in Accra and I think I know why Kumasi makes her koko very brown. Nobody should ask me. Anyway, let me fast forward to the show itself but before, I really enjoyed interviewing some of the artists on Friday morning. I did what happened in Takoradi again, yes; I entered each and every room with no ‘permit’. The concert took place at the Cultural Centre in Kumasi and I had to interview some people there as the stage was been put together. I interviewed Pim of AfricanUnsigned with @simpol_tinz, we also spoke to the music director, Mr Sewor and a couple of other people. Show started a little bit late as usual and Efya couldn’t make it to Kumasi but things went smoothly. The four artists/contestants, Anas, Amoakohene, NT4 and Bright rocked the stage after an Azonto Competition and some raps by people who were selected from the crowd. I really love the Big In Ghana stage charley, no mistake kraa, on point!! Bradaz passed through to spice up the whole thing and Blacks also came on stage to do some things, they are 2 young guys and charle, I feel them roff.

He won the azonto competition

Yaa Pono was killing it on stage, he did a couple of songs, about 5 and some freestyles. Charle, the crowd was feeling him!! It’s funny how the people know his songs because the radio hardly shows him love, but the crowd knew the words to most of his songs. So, hmmm, he wasn’t done yet, he was going to do more songs and then, fui!, The generator set decided to go off. Oh charley, wey yawa this?? The guy didn’t buy enough fuel for the generator, he pocketed some of the money. This is what I wanted to do to him-lay him on a bed of roses in the sun and smear shit on him charle. Dude didn’t try but that didn’t stop us even though a section of the crowd had dispersed. The lights came back on and the foknbois took the stage. Honestly, nothing stopped them, ignoring the fact that most of the people were gone, they put up a massive show and when I say massive, I mean massive!! Sankwas Bois (@simpol_tinz and mutombo) also went on stage to do some tunes charle. It was awesome!! I will never forget Kumasi.


We went to sleep at the Promise Land late and woke up around 7am to move back to Accra in order prepare for the Accra version that evening, charle, just imagine, we were all tired. And I dread travelling because I have ‘car-sickness’. I always want to throw up and I feel uneasy all the time, the feeling is so rude but on our way to Kumasi I found a remedy, well wanlov did and it is magic. They were teasing me and Wanlov gave me some tangerine peels to squeeze into my nostrils, In that state, I would do anything just to feel better so I did it and guess what, all what I was feeling vanished one time. I swear down!! So at every stop, I got some tangerines. Simple!!
The Accra concert was huge, the energy was awesome and the people were ‘responsive’. Efya was present here and she rocked the stage with her tunes, this lady is always on point. Yaa Pono has been killing it throughout this tour and here was no different. But the host, PY was talking too much, I guess it is all because of the crowd. The performance from the foknbois was fit for a climax and I know all those who were present will go home with something to tell and it will stay in their memory for a long time.


Enough love to Bavaria for making this possible, AfricanUnsigned, Kasapreko, Pidgen Music and all those who played a part to make this tour fruitful. It was awesome! As for the pictures dier, I have plenty on my facebook so add me (mutombodapoet Percy) and check out my tumblr too-


3 thoughts on “Big In Ghana Tour(Kumasi&Accra)

  1. Haha the tangerine bit. Poor you.

    the “ECG guy” never try, wei mo nyinyaa y3de pia car.

  2. Haha the tangerine bit. Poor you.

    the “ECG guy” never try, wei mo nyinaa y3de pia car.

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