My 1st Single off my PHOTOSENTENCES album





Man never knows what tomorrow brings because its opaque,

but the brain can always cut through the transparent past and tap those nostalgic memories to wake.

Imagery of childhood renovates brain so it looks like a gallery,

portraits and abstract but one mosaic depicts the crucifixion on calvary.

This is when he really died because everything was bliss,

an eye for an eye was then an eye for a kiss.

This is in remembrance of childhood like its dead and gone but this past still lives on,

like greats whose works and name have been caligraphed on life’s papyrus.

We children who were vagrants like my pappy was,

the only difference was that we had better dreams because we came home to sleep the night away.

Fly away kites made of paper and broomsticks with strong threads to give them skyscraper heights with floors of about ninety six,

experts in building these flying creatures so when it broke we could always fix.

The dreams we had then for today were that tall,

midget physique, so when we looked up, we went dizzy and we did fall.

Parents with whips were like robots, they swung it with an even interval,

so we all had cain stripes like zebras in the wild.

The rod was never spared if things were not done properly,

but stones and caution were thrown to the wind because we were God’s property.

police and thief was a brand new hide and seek,

and because each group wanted to win we adopted a war-like technique.

Dummy weapons were aimed opponent with an accuracy

because our elbows had grease but none of my peers were Greeks.

Life if those days was a portrait we all had smiles like Mona Lisa,

I was a local kid so I knew what was kontomire and pona didn’t know what was pizza.

Fanta and Coke were not common to us, they only came through on special occasions,

easter and Christmas conjured more eggs so there was a celebration.


Life in those days was bliss

All those memories that I still do miss…….4X


Rains that the clouds puked dropped on the soft earth with dignity,

we enjoyed games in the mud because there was key soap and elders

greeted each other, you could feel the serenity.

The football we played needed no stadiums like the Bundesliga,

we were both players and referees back then we didn’t know what was FIFA.

Presence of a socks ball or case 5 made the moment just right to play small poles or 4 corners,

It was with our barefeet because we had no trainers.

Shins were hardened like craniums,

and we worked ourselves up during the day so at night we slept like we had several pills of Valium.

Nana Osei was daddy and Abena Serwaa was mummy in playhouse,

and the game for miniature parents then was, you remove my shirt and I take off your blouse.

My street is dead now, way back it was filled with hawkers,

every junction was occupied by noisy petty sellers

and if I knew this type of horn then, I would have called them vuvuzelas.

I used to catch tadpoles in big gutters

and trapped grasshoppers in poki rubbers because at home it was just a dog

so I wasn’t content.

You should see how my mom hopped back when she checked the content.

The alikoto that we played had more spin than the potters wheel,

we went on top of hills so our tyres could glide and those sticks were our steering wheel.

If I can meet the past once again in my future once again I’ll beg her to take me back into time,

so I can knock my friends on their heads when they forget to say no zanzama,

play chaskele or dicos with Mick and Mahama and mock 6 year olds when they lose a tooth.

Memories that I never want to forget and I will do it over and over and over again with no regrets.


Life in those days was bliss

All those memories that I still do miss…….4X


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