Uncle Obama

Errm, this is just a quick one, I won’t talk plenty with this post. I guess you have all seen the Uncle Obama video by Sister Durbee. Yes you should because it was premiered last Friday at the Silver Lounge. Ah, it’s true, I was even the emcee that nice and it was fun. Don’t argue with me when I put info on my own blog. Why, did you create it for me? I beg, I beg.

If you have not watched it, I will add it to this post, maybe you have already seen it at the top, if not, then check the ‘below’. I was in that video too, I was/am Uncle Obama and as for my boogies, nobody should challenge. I remember when Deborah called on me that she wanted me to be the Uncle Obama in her video, I didn’t hesitate at all because I love that song and also for some other reason. I won’t tell you!!! Kokonsafuor!! Okay, let me be nice this time and tell you. The other reason was because, I wanted a free shirt from London. Yes, the t shirt I wore in the video was shipped from the UK by Deborah to be used in the video. She gave it to me like a month before the video, when the video was ready to be shot, the shirt had discoloured and was stretched. I wear am saaaa!!!

Anyway, the making of the video was fun, especially the market scene and I am very glad to be a part of Deborah’s first official video. I hope more will follow but I also dey wonder, will she be willing to perform when she is invited? I think she should because the ‘dance formation’(trying to spell chorography) and everything is on point. Imagine Sister Durbee on stage paa….

The Video Release Party was at the Silver Lounge on the 28th of September and it was fun, you know that when I am the emcee…..world up!! People came not just to see the video but to see this handsome man do his dance(I shaa papa). There was ‘finger food’(I still don’t know why they call it finger food) which people were fingering like they were foreplaying before the real food, there were lots of drinks and come see the way @simpol_tinz was drinking, a teetotal like me tasted alcohol so just imagine. Deborah displayed her Bananazonto with her girls and did a few lines. The only people lost on the night were the foknbois but I know they were with us in spirit. DJ Just Ice did justice to the music and a big echo to Luu Vision.

If you ask me, I love the video, it’s a fun/jolly video and I can’t wait for it to start showing on TV. Check the video out!!


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