Charley, what’s going on? I have more vim for this side and I hope everybody reading this has vim too. Let us have a vimious week and rest of the year. Talking about the rest of the year, I guess or hope you know we are in October now and in a couple of week, we will be going to the polls to choose a president. Are you aware of this or you have been sleeping? Wake up oo, I beg for we are all involved, if you like it or not. On the 7th day of December, 2012, we are going to choose a president. Oh!!I just remembered Atta Mills, so our president really died? No, I still don’t believe this. Anyway, he is dead and gone and I know he is resting in peace. He was a good man, yes he was indeed.

Enough of the death talks, now back to business, a friend of mine told me there are about 23 political parties in Ghana, I don’t know if it’s true or not because that girl tells me all sort of lies all the time so someone please confirm this. Let us be frank with each other, even though it is alleged that we have all of these political parties, only 2 are relevant for now and they are the NPP and the NDC. I didn’t know which political party to mention first and please don’t start drawing conclusions already. I tossed a coin and NPP won so I needed to mention them first. Sometimes doing these things can be work, one least mistake and someone sitting somewhere will start talking.. Yes I tossed a coin in order to know who I should mention first. Are you trying to tell me PPP will win this election or PNC is going to come out victorious? We know that this is impossible, at least not this year’s elections. The race is between NPP and NDC, I won’t even beat about the bush to make this post long.

I don’t even know why I am talking too much. My main reason for this post is a little bit worthless, to you, but I like thinking about minor stuff, stuff that someone will see as irrelevant, that is what I take at heart. Why am I not seeing or feeling the whole campaign fever? Less than 2 months to elections and I am seeing nothing. I am not saying nothing is going on at all but let us compare this year’s to the others and tell me if this year’s isn’t dull. In the past, even when I wasn’t eligible to vote, these politicians will come around and give us party paraphernalia (t shirts, key chains, hats, colourful posters etc) and we would ‘shee jama’ all day long following them around. Even in my small community, they held rallies and went from door to door begging for votes. Their cars with PA systems made noise on the streets and I remember how those decibels worried my ear-drums. Its silent now, nothing is going on. I don’t see people wear political party t shirts much and I don’t hear anything. Is it because the people are fed-up or I am not paying attention? No, I have kept these ears to the streets and charle, I am seeing or hearing nothing.

Anyway, it is still coming on and I hope the people choose wisely. Do you think Atta Mills’ death will play a role in this election? Would people have sympathy for the NDC and go like, ‘because Atta is dead, let me console Mahama with this my 1 vote’? I know how the Ghanaian voter thinks, they can be funny sometimes and you will be shock with the reasons they will give if you ask them why they voted for a certain political party. As the date draws nearly, I would want us to remember that, we should do this in peace, once again we should show the world that we can do this. Let us be a blazing example to all those countries who were not able to do theirs peacefully. We are one people, we shouldn’t let any politician cause us to fight amongst ourselves. Remember, they will leave us here and we will be left to suffer.

Ah yes!! Now I know why the campaign is dull this time, Wayome took all the money away.


One thought on “Elections

  1. hmmmm… I think it’s also due to the fact that Ghanaians have grown out of the ”forcefully-coerce-me-to-vote-for-you” syndrome that started our democracy in the early 90’s. So there’s no need for a lot of noise in the neighborhoods. it will only be a waste of time for the parties…but as for the tshirts dierrr, massa dem dey print papa..pleeenty!! tshirts will forever remain a vital part of the Ghanaian electoral campaign portfolio.

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