XRAY(2nd Single off my Photosentences album)

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Look past my physique,

search for branding of soul and find a label that says unique.

In every positive way, opposite attracts but my spirits always makes negative sway,

If you want to know what’s in then switch vision to xray.

Looks can change and the perish,

today I’m sporting a perfect figure, tomorrow, I’m malnourished

so look beneath what you see.

See how lukewarm this heart be,

not too cold to make you shiver because you are like my child

and never too hot because embracing your emotions will leave a scald.

Looks can really be deceiving so don’t judge me by what you see this evening,

let patient envelop your conclusion until morning come,

then you will find no chaff in this man you have been sieving.



Looks can be deceiving,

You were never the man I perceived…..2X


I swallowed my pride two decades ago so throughout the years humbleness is what I throw up,

that is why I wouldn’t think twice serving you breakfast in bed and doing all the nice things a man

Is supposed to, those things that cause the mind to blow up.

And I wont keep on talking about the good deeds I can render because talk I cheap,

what you need to do is travel into this character, search and you will find if only your walk is deep.

And I’m so open, if my heart was a female and had a position, it would have been missionary.

Don’t tell whatever you witness, but you are at liberty to define whatever you find

and I will script the phonetics in your dictionary.

So let your brain climb sky high and your optics will acquire a depth

that will help you see, this advice is one that mortals never kept.



Looks can be deceiving,

You were never the man I perceived…..2X


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