December 7

I don’t even know how to start, i have forsaken thee. I hope non of you forgot about me. Jesus has been gone for how many centuries now, but you still remember Him, right? I have not posted anything on my blog for just a couple of weeks, just a couple of weeks, why would you ditch me? Come on, son!!


I have so much to tell you guys and you know that when one has a lot of important things to say, they end up saying nothing at all. I would love it if you stopped reading now because i am not going to say anything relevant. My life has been awesome since i left you guys, we’ll not so awesome but since i still have life, i should be thankful, innit? December 7 is just around the corner and we will be going to the polls to ‘pick’ a president who is going to govern us for another 4 years. Town has been so busy lately, and i won’t hesitate to mention the noise pollution from campaign  vehicles that carry huge megaphones on their roofs and chirp out distorted party chants and music. After they come to power, they will warn us about noise pollution and how one can be jailed for that. These people, i don’t trust them at all.


Anyway, this is the time that the politicians become friends with the average man, all because of votes and the average man does not slack at all during these times, they will ‘salvage’ all that they can get from the politician because he knows the next time he will come around again is when it is time to vote. But this year’s campaigning has been fun, for even me because i am that type who will never watch a Presidential Debate. For what?? Tell me, why should i? What they say never comes to pass, they come to power and forget about all the promises and even hurl down their manifestos from skyscrapers and i am tired of hoping, charley!! I am simply tired so i am just living. But i watched this year’s presidential campaign, all the 2 and to be very honest, i did  enjoy every bit of it. Not because of the promises NPP or NDC made but because of the presidential candidate for PNC, Hassan Ayariga. This man is awesome, i must confess and i doff my hat to the people who are behind his selection. He is the best thing ever when it comes to Ghana’s Politics and i am sure his name will be on the lips of many Ghanaians for years to come.


I really want Ayariga to win this election but you know how the Ghanaian voter votes, NPP and NDC has taken control of our whole mindset and its annoying. You have a good man like Ayariga, why don’t you vote for him. Think about his policies and plans, all the good things he has for the country. Why don’t you want to vote for him? I won’t even go through some of his terms and speeches because……nah…..Malcolm X and Martin Luther King should still be quoted, charley. It has been fun. We should also do well to blame the media for any mishap, i was forced to listen to local radio for a couple of days and what goes on there is really disgusting, very. We have a long way to go and i hope we get there real soon because i won’t allow my kids to listen to those junk on radio and tv. Anytime you hear something about the ELECTIONS you are bound to hear ‘PEACE’ or ‘WAR’ and i don’t know why we have to juxtapose these, i have no clue why.


Anyway, 13 years ago, my mum died and it was on the 7th of December so as i join the queue to vote, deep inside, i will be thinking about such a beautiful soul. My Friend and Mother. VIM


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