Who I Voted For!!

It is a new week and finally,my ears can rest after months of debates and arguments on radio,TV and social media. I got entangled in a couple of them on twitter myself and it so good to know that social media is helping us put words across and also know how people think and attack issues relating to politics. I have heard radio and TV stations read and communicate with listeners/viewers via Facebook and Twitter and all i can say is ‘kudos. And to all those who still haven’t seen the light, i pray that you walk that path soon.

May Atta Mills rest in peace, he was a good man and i want his good light to shine through our new president-elect, John Dramani Mahama. It was a keenly contested race and i will also like to commend Nana Akuffo Addo for a good fight. Even though this looks like the end of him to me, i know that his works will be etched deep in the annal of this country’s political history. Indeed, he has done a lot for this beautiful country of ours.

I am a citizen of this country and i voted,that is a right that i can’t throw away. When people ask me who i voted for, i hesitate a little since i am not comfortable saying, for what reason, i don’t know. I don’t know why people don’t want to say who they voted for, i have heard a couple of reasons and i will say that all the reasons i have heard so far are stupid. I am yet to hear something more sensible. Anytime i am asked who i voted for, i ask the person why they want to know then after hearing them, i just say, i don’t know. i wonder why i do this, why i can’t say who i voted for.

My late mother was very political, she was a serious member of the National Convention Party (Kow  Nkensen Arkaah) and later became a National Democratic Congress member. In those days, i saw prominent people who were in politics walk in and out of my house and she also took me to so many political activities, the best was the numerous 6th March parade at the Independence Square and i say it is the best because we always sat at the VIP Section which was always very close to where JJ Rawlings was. That man became a god to me after i shook his hand.

Ghana politics has really come a long way, i won’t say its the best but we are doing really well, especially when its that time again for vote. People always talk about how they are scared that something will happen but little did they know that we are peace loving peeps who are also aware that we have nowhere to go when there is mayhem. This elections saw some disturbance but that was it, no lives were lost or nobody was hurt. Some unlucky people who tried to snatch ballot boxes were lynched though and i think they deserved it. I mean what do you do with the ballot box? I just don’t get it.

I started voting in 2000, and the process is fun, i remember the first time i was going to vote with some of my childhood friends, we felt like we were part of a process, like we were adults and had a say in the affairs of this nation. Since then, i have not missed an election, i sometimes ensure that the indelible ink on my left ‘pinky’ is so visible so people coming from a distance can see. I know that by now, you are thinking, ‘what party does Mutombo vote for?’ Well that is a question that i will answer soon and i hope that everybody reads this post so they know where i belong. I am just tried of swerving your question, it is such a ‘chore’.

i have been voting for the NDC since 2000 and i voted for them a couple of days back. I have so many reasons why i have voted fro the NDC, yes, because of their policies and all. I don’t want to get into that but the topmost reason why i vote the NDC is because of my mom. Maybe one day, i will vote for the NPP or some other party if i realise that they have something positive for the country and its citizens. I hope that the new president-elect, John Mahama doesn’t fail Ghanaians because 4 years is just around the corner and Ghanaians are not fools. I wish the best for him and his cabinet and may he go for it.

‘….so let’s choose that man with a ton of sense, see how my clothes got ripped when i sat on the fence. No matter what you do you can’t refuse to choose, and even if you don’t, you will still be governed by the same man you accuse…….so let’s choose wisely…’-taken from a poem of mine

NDC 3y3 ZU,3y3 ZA!!


5 thoughts on “Who I Voted For!!

  1. I liked this post Mutumbo…mainly because you were honest about who you voted for and why….no long tings…your reason was emotional, and I believe that is the reason that determines who most of us vote for…I think our emotions are also more logical than we give credit for…for the record and in the spirit of your post I voted NPP 🙂 And I look forward to voting NPP again in the next 4 years…unlike you, I don’t see a future in which I will vote NDC unless the party gets a feminist Presidential candidate

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