I eat and drink everything during the day without thinking. I drink a whole lot, and I am not talking about liquor, please. I know how you people think. Always waiting to hear something like this then you start judging. I drink lots of water during the day and that forces me to pee every now and then. Thank God I have a very good bladder and I do well to control it………….sometimes.

Last night, I ate quiet late, which is not good for me because quiet recently, I always wake up with a full belly when I eat late the previous night. And if care is not taken, I will get a potbelly in no time, it is coming but I am doing well to control it. I have been doing sit-ups and all form of exercises recently and I have started playing basketball after about a 6-year break. I am writing this post with a very full belly even though I haven’t eaten this morning. Food in there was from last night and I regret I ate that late

One thing that happens to me when I eat late is, I have all sort of weird dreams at night and this started at a very tender age. My mother said it is normal because it sometimes happened to her and I have had a couple of friends tell me the same but I don’t understand, where is the link? Where is the link between ‘satisfaction’ and weird dreams? Sometimes they are nightmares and those are the ones I really hate. I had a weird dream last week, and in the dream, I was in a coke bottle, someone had trapped me in a coke bottle and I was trying to get out. Some friends gathered around and they were yelling ‘Genie,Genie,Genie!!!’. I still don’t understand why I had such a dream but like I have said earlier, I have weird dreams or nightmares when I eat late.


Very often, I usually have this dream when I see myself peeing , and this is a very tricky type of dream because I have on a couple of times wet my bed because of that type of dream. I nearly wet my bed last night, a tone from my phone woke me up right on time, I would have done it. I got home last night and I was already asleep so I just jump straight to bed even though I knew I had to pee. Sometimes, I can’t be bothered with matters related to my bladder because I think I have a good bladder and I do well to control it. If I had wet my bed last night, I would have been able to do nothing, apart from drying my mattress In the sun and my tenant would be wondering what’s up. I mean, I dry it once in a while but you know how your brain works when you do something bad or wrong. And the pee-pee marks/stain would have been on the mattress and they would have seen.

I was still wetting my bed in primary school, I think in JSS I was still doing it but it wasn’t frequent. My mom would let me eat early evening because she knew I would wet my bed when I ate late, even with that, I still did it. I gave her and my grandma a tough time because they would have to wake me up every now and then to make me pee, the least mistake, I would wet that bed. My mom did all she could to make me stop, I remember she took me ‘somewhere’ when I was in Grade 4 to seek help and the doctor said I was still young and it was normal but she wouldn’t understand since my 2 other siblings were not doing it. Well, they were but it was only when something really really went wrong. Sometimes, my mom would threaten me that she would bring my mattress to my school, St. Martin de Porres for my mates to boo at me and that was really frightening. She did all she could but I never really stopped, I think I stopped completely right before I entered Secondary School and no matter when I ate, I would wake up to pee at night. I wonder why I couldn’t just do this in those days.

Is bed-wetting a disability of some sort? I know some people my age still wet their beds and in Accra Academy I knew a couple of students who were wetting their beds constantly. It was so sad and those people were the most quiet in the school because a small mistake and we would start teasing them. My mom always called me ‘gyinsokrobo’ or ‘shamɔlɔ’ which means a ‘bed-wetter’ in twi and ga respectively and I got so angry when she called me that but sadly, it was true.


One thought on “”Bed-Wetting”

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