The Body Of A Woman



I am saying hi to 2013 and also to you all. How many of you didn’t make it to this year, show by hands. How many of you never expected to travel this far, show by soles. And how many of you are ready to handle 2013,show by ‘vim’. Infact, I never expected to come this far myself, like I always say, my age now was very old for me when I was in my teens and 2013 looked like forever to me. Since I am here, I am going to bask and make the best out of it. Have a good 2013 and let’s all get what we want by the end of the year. Those who made their resolutions public on facebook and twitter, I will be watching you

I have always appreciated nudity, ‘female nudity’. I don’t know if that is the appropriate way of saying it but…. I guess you all know what I am trying to put across. My vocabulary is very limited. Anyway, I have always appreciated it more when a good-looking female with a perfect body is nude. And I know that when I say ‘perfect body’, you guys will start looking at the slim/slender girls, yes, the model type of girls. Your minds have been ‘westernized’ so I wont judge you, and please don’t judge me too with this post. Plump/fat people have attractive bodies too and in my part of the world, when you are slim, you are said to be poor but a ‘fat’ person is always considered to be living a good life plus more.

I have always loved studying the female body so in the early 2000s when I had my freedom, I used to go to the beaches and swimming pools a lot. I go there to swim but most of all to study/watch all those ladies there sporting assorted bikinis. Most of the time, I am not disappointed at all. God is the best artist in the whole universe and I am wondering how long it took Him to make woman. I am sure he spent time on that because He didn’t go wrong at all. Woman is a perfect piece of art and I think nothing beats this art piece. There have been several times where I had hidden somewhere in the house to look at the naked body of my woman, I am always studying how her breasts wiggle when she walk around the room naked and how her ass shakes as she takes her steps. There is a reason why I haven’t bothered to fix another bathroom door after I took the last one out. The last one had no problem but I still took it out. Yes, there is a reason. My wish is to become and ‘nude’ photographer one day because I have all of these crazy shots in my head and please, I took that picture you are seeing on this page, I took it a long time ago.

I like seeing our women in kaba and all that but sometimes it hinders. Kaba is always loose on the body so I find it hard to study their curves and all. Anyway, until then, I will still go to the beaches and swimming pool and keep on studying the body of my woman when she is taking her bath in my door-less bathroom.

Have a good 2013


13 thoughts on “The Body Of A Woman

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth….the male body is also a wonderful piece of art. I love it when my man is lying naked on the bed. Best part of my day.

  2. when she is naked she brightens my hormones and my testosterone level rises with much agitation. her curvy articulated body, mesmerizes my way of thinking and makes me appreciates God’s art piece… Chale i make confuse self… more vim to the naked women…

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