Pope Benedickt XVI



I knew it, I said it, this is not a shock to me at all. I knew this would happen by all means. I really don’t think he is resigning because his age or any of those ‘bull’. Remember sometime back, his former butler, Paolo Gabriele leaked his private papers? When that happened, I knew that something like what I heard yesterday would happen. I really want to know what were in those leaked documents just because. There are so many secrets hidden beneath the Vatican and I know you all want to find out a lot more, just like me. Pope Benedict XVI, are you really retiring because you think you are tired or because of other ‘matters’? Come clean because God hates liars, say it as it is and we will all understand and agree, but telling lies is something that God hates. You are not tired biaa!!!

Let us talk about the previous Pope, he was in ‘power’ until his death. Did he say he was tired, old and about to die so had to resign? When you are doing the work of God, you don’t just resign ooo, because, wait, imagine God says he is resigning. Just imagine! Pope Benedict, we beg you, don’t resign wai, just do God’s work or you just be there keke and pray for death to come. Come to Africa and see, head of states who are refusing to retire after over two decades, just come and see something on this side. The citizens have tried saa but they wont leave. I think you have to meet Mugabe and a couple of others to give you tips on these things because in Africa, we know how to do it paa. I am not a Catholic but if you really resign, e go pain me papa!!

And I am hearing that the next Pope might be from Ghana, that man’s name popped up a couple of times when they were appointing this current Pope and I always wondered how he ended up there. Is it a requirement that one has to be a ‘virgin’ before he can be Pope? If it is a requirement then hmm… the tribal mark on his face has even given him away dadaada. Anyway, how did Turkson end up there kraa? How did he? Imagine a Ghanaian becoming a Pope, the way Ghanaians go rosh!! I think they will even say that they are all going to heaven one time and the Catholic Churches in Ghana go make noise, especially the one down my street. They will use this to take more money from the congregation. Charle, me if you ask me, I don’t want any Ghanaian to become Pope. It should be someone from Spain or Argentina. From Spain, my pick will be Iniesta and from Argentina, Messi. There is this holy thing about these 2 and I know they will be good Popes, my reasons will come in another post. Commot!

Make I end am for here. Tomorrow another post go come up.


10 thoughts on “Pope Benedickt XVI

  1. Nice entry Poet Motombo, but u know the scriptures are just been fufilled, Christ is coming and all these must happen before he comes, this I have read months ago that this 6th Pope, his reign will not last . truthfully, it has come to pass. The next pope will be the person to fascilitate the oneness of the globe. That is when the AntiChrist will rule the world.

  2. The Pope no taya bia.As u said it should God say he’s also resigning.The Pope is lying to the world.Thou shall not lie,Benedict

  3. nice one there…really enjoyed every bit of it…it feels good to always speak your mind…

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