Wanlov in BBA


Last year similar news came through that my good friend, almost family, Wanlov Da Kubolor was going to represent Ghana with M3NSA in the BBA House. We laughed at tweets and all. Funny enough this year, it is happening again. I woke up this morning to see tweets about Wanlov repping Ghana and I haven’t spoken with him yet but I have a feeling this isn’t true. Anyway, I will see him later on and find out.

I want to list 6 things that Wanlov will do in the BBA house when he finally enters:

  • He will write about 20-30 songs, mostly in his head before exiting the BBA House. 40% of these songs will be about BBA/housemates, especially the women in there.
  • Wanlov will express his disappointment with the women in the house to Big Brother if they don’t have big bottosses. But quiet recently, Wanlov’s ‘taste’ has changed but I know for sure he will do this for sheygey reasons.
  • He will not do some of the tasks that Big Brother will give if his mind doesn’t settle with it. And mark my words this will happen.
  • Wanlov will use this medium to put some of his view across. His views about religion, politics and a couple of people including artists and other ‘yawa’ celebrities.
  • He will also sleep with not less that 3 of the housemates (females) and none of them will know that he has slept with the other.
  • Trust Wanlov to take his koshka and maybe a drum into the house. He will be in charge of entertainment.

Me dier, if you ask me I wouldn’t mind at all if Wanlov enters the house but that means things will be left behind. The Coz Ov Moni II shoot and all, all the tours etc. if I am assured that he will win, then I will push him to enter but Ghanaians will not vote and even if they do, look at the size of Nigeria and South Africa. I will have to buy a DSTV too when Wanlov enters.



10 thoughts on “Wanlov in BBA

  1. I know our population isn’t that much but Wanluv would win the whole of Africa to his side

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