Oscar Pistorius Voted for Fuel Hike


I have been confused over a couple of issues for a couple of days now, I easily get confused, the first time I noticed this was in 1998 so this is no news to me at all but I know you will be surprised about this characteristic of mine. I don’t know if I can do something about it and I haven’t even had the time to check. Maybe one day.

I have been confused about this Oscar Pistorius shooting incident a whole lot, I know its not my ‘matter’ but his story doesn’t make sense at all. That guy cant lie right at all. How will a burglar, I mean a robber or an armed robber, lock himself up in your bathroom? Why, did he decide to shit first before stealing his prosthetics? And how big is his bed? If you are sleeping with your lover, isn’t she always close to you? Most of the time, her head is on your chest or her legs or something on you. I sleep with my lover all the time and I know what I am saying. This Oscar guy said that he didn’t check whether Reeva Steenkamp was in bed but grabbed his gun, wore his prosthetics and went straight to the bathroom to shoot…….he burglar. If I hear a strange noise in my house at night and my lover is in bed with me, I call her first and whisper in her ears, “do you hear that noise?” before I grab my gun because like I said earlier, I am confused. Oscar, this one dier, your story has lots of holes in there and I would urge you to say the truth, simple. I am sure they were arguing over another man or something and when you have steroids in you, your best friend is the gun. Well, I’m guessing here please. I have been ‘high’ before and I know what I’m saying. Anyway, may that beauty rest in peace and I would like to say to all the pretty women out there that, there are guys like us too here wai. You like following money and fame too much. You don’t want to date someone like me, why? Don’t do that oo..yoo.. money will get you anywhere not everywhere. Does that even make sense? When you come to me, I will fool for you to laugh and we will eat waakye, after all, WHAT?!!

On Sunday, I went to a Total Station to get petrol and saw a big label that was almost covering the LCD of the Fuel Dispenser. Another increase in the price of fuel!! The anger that went through my being didn’t even allow me to check the price per gallon. What is going on in this country of ours?  For those of us who have been planning to buy a generator now have to deal with fuel hikes as well. I wont even buy this generator anymore! Like seriously, what is happening in this nation of ours? There is no money in the system, only a small sect has all the money and we are here just facing hikes upon hikes. I can imagine the numerous fights that occurred in trotros and taxis nation-wide. So we went to join long queues to vote just for this? We wanted a better this and a better that and now look. I’m sure things will keep on coming up as the months come by. Enough of this talk, it’s now time to tell you something about me.

I started blogging a couple of months ago, circa May 2012 and it has been a beautiful experience, writing is something I love even though I don’t know lots of words. I have a photo-blog – mutombodapoet.tumblr.com and I have this blog and another at blogspot. This blog and the one that hosted by blogspot has the same content. I don’t even know why I do that. Now let me go on to what I really want to put across, I have been nominated for 2 awards by Blogcamp Ghana and I am humbled and delighted for this. I have been nominated with some ‘gurus’ and that is something I can be happy about since these peeps have been doing this blogging thing for time. I would like you guys to check out my blogs especially mutombodapoet.tumblr.com and vote for me. I have been nominatied for 2 awards and they are the BEST PHOTO BLOG (mutombodapoet.tumblr.com) and PERSONALITY WITH THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE (@mutombodapoet). Kindly logon to http://www.blogcampghana.com/voting/ and vote for me. With the 2nd nomination if its not me then it should be wanlov or if it’s not wanlov, then it should be me but think about it, I have facebook, twitter, and 3 blogs, well, 2 blogs so it should be me, or? Kindly vote.


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