Social Media Awards Is Here


Whats popping? I woke up this morning and the first thing that I realized was, all the fowls and birds can no longer be seen in my hood. In those days, at dawn, you could hear the birds chirping and fowls chanting down Babylon. Where did they go? Who chewed all of them? Things are really changing for the worse and its not amusing. Anyway, let’s leave that for another post.

About 2 years ago, I declared my interest to blog at one of Accra Dot Alt’s Talk Parties, I remember saying Percy+Poetry+Photography at that event, who was there and who remembers? <What has that even got to do with BLOGGING? smh! Anyway, last year I heard about the BlogCamp Ghana ‘Grand Durbar’ at the Kofi Annan Institute and I was not interested because, just because. I thought it was a sect/group/secret society that I had to belong and I was not interested in joining any of such ‘collection’ at that point in my life. But on that day when the durbar was going on, I was home doing absolutely nothing at all and decided to pass through, and then I realized I hadn’t registered on the site so I knew they were going to bounce me at the gate. After a call, they asked me to come and the person was like, “ah mutombo paa, u don’t even need to call. Just come through!!”. Sometimes I forget I am a star like Reggie Rockstone, the reason is that stars are adequate. I hope you understand when I say adequate? Ghana is not helping my artform kraaa, imagine I was in Yankee or somewhere like that. It’s all good though, lol, let me rosh small wai. Allow!!

So I got to this venue and everybody was so friendly, everyone I met was smiling so I thought there was some illuminati business going on and they didn’t want me to know so had to cover it up with a smile. But when that white lady, what’s her name kraa….oh that lady, ohhh…ermmm…yeah, Kajsa Hallberg Adu spoke to me, something, like some form of electricity current passed through me and I was like, ‘this is a good place to be!!” I went for their talk/training and I was even made to give a small talk on how twitter has helped me in my work. I felt at home! On this day, I registered for a blog and it has been lovely since. I remember that day like it was yesterday because of the good people, it was like a family, not the extended type. This year, I should be there.

I am not just going there but guess what? After less than a year of blogging, I have been nominated for the first ever Social Media Awards. Isn’t that awesome? I thought I was not even recognized since people started this whole blogging thing way before me even though my blogs get good traffic. Anyway, I have been nominated for the BEST PHOTO BLOG and also PERSONALITY WITH THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE, my homie Wanlov too is in the same category. But vote for me more than him. He is going to take an award in France in March, a global award, Babel. With these two nominations I am already a winner and I thank you all who visited my blog and spread (I nearly typed ‘spreaded’) the news about it. You should also vote for me since the public has 40%, as for the 60% I guess we have to leave it to Dr Afari Gyan and his people…lol!! But anyway, kindly vote for me by clicking this link .check out my blogs too- (photos), (dictations) and (eroticas).

I hope to see you all next month at the venue. All info is on I hope Afari Gyan will do a good job for me…kwaakwaakwaa!!!!


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