Get To Know Delasi



The first time I came across him was when D Black came over to mine, I think somewhere in 2006 and he was with him. D Black introduced him to me as a singer and I think they were recording in Jounaide’s studio in Adabraka back in the days. Several years down, I saw him on stages doing his singing thing and also poetry and I see him often doing open-mics and other shows in Accra nowadays.

Delasi has been featured on Citi Fm’s Writers’ Project and and has performed him music and poetry at Ehalakasa , Alliance Francaise and Goethe Institut. He is still going through show and I hope he breaks through soon. Well, he has. The first time I saw him put up a link on facebook for his new single, I didn’t think twice to click on the link because I have seen him perform that song titled WHERE DO WE GO live and it is always on point. It’s a very deep song that talks about some real issues in life. The harsh realities of the world of poverty, poverty-induced crime and a poverty-induced criminal lifestyle fed by corruption and neglect are but a few of the issues that Delasi brings up in a soulful voice. His voice hovers in the realms of smoky, husky and smooth tuning and very flexible in exploring keys and tunes.

I don’t want to talk plenty because I know you guys get bored easily. But before I sign out, he will be dropping an album soon and I cant wait. Here is the video to “Where Do We Go” –   and download the track here.

Thank me very later.




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