Been a while. This post is a special one to thank all of you who voted for me in the Social Media Awards, if I win, which I know I will, I will buy all of you Fan Yoghurt and Meat pie, the empty type. If I don’t, I will win. Keep on reading this blog because it will be better this year. Still working on so stay tuned. Ghana was 56 last week, on the 6th of March and that day was a holiday. They say on that day in 1957, we attained our independence. Hahaha, I don’t want to laugh! Independence indeed! I maybe wrong here but hold on so I look up the meaning of independence in the dictionary, please give me one second…… okay, I am back, the meaning of independence is as follows. I mean meanings please: INDEPENDENCE [in-di-pen-duhns] -noun 1. the state or quality of being independent 2. freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others Please the dictionary is saying this oo, I didn’t create or forge anything. I don’t remember ever checking the meaning of this word because I thought it basically meant freedom (from colonial forces). This post actually made me look it up and when I said give me one minute; I was actually looking it up. Let us ignore the first definition and concentrate on the second. I am going to take this from the ‘layman’s’ point of view, my point of view. Looking at the second definition, do you think Ghana is anywhere near independence? I know that countries will definitely depend on others, come on. That is why we have allies and no one is really free but is Ghana anywhere close to freedom? Let’s just look around us and tell me. I don’t want to delve deep into this, don’t want to give you reasons at all. All I want to say is that the Chinese are very smart people and I wouldn’t be shocked if they take over the country in 20 years. We go for loans from them and they insist we contract their people on the job. Awesome!! Black smoke, white smoke, black smoke, white smoke!! Finally a new Pope has been elected, I didn’t give a hoot anyway but Ghanaians were so hopeful it was going to be the Ghanaian, that Cardinal Turkson man. I hear the last time, he came so close so they thought this was his but too bad, it didn’t happen. The new pope is Francis I and is from Argentina. I know Ghanaians will be praying so he also retires soon so the Ghanaian gets another chance. But imagine this Pope retires after a year, what would you think? Charle, nowhere is cool oo. Things are going on papa so I just laugh when I see some people pass some comments when you share your thoughts about religion especially Christianity. Anyway, Cardinal Turkson so pray with out ceasing, ok? I believe God will answer his prayers one day. Why does he want to be Pope anyway, it gets you closer to God or what? You can still do God’s work no matter your position so… and I believe Messi is now coming to play good soccer since this Argentine Pope has said that he will pray for him twice every week. Anyway, I hear LPG has been increased by 50%, how true is this? Petrol was increased about 2 weeks ago. Ghana is doing just fine.


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