God Doesn’t Know Ghana!!

I am very happy now that I stopped going to church. The last time I went to church was about 2 years ago, I have been thinking about that institution though since I stopped because I was raised in a home where I had to be in church every Sunday. I had my way when my mom died. But now I am happy that I stopped church because it has been revealed, I rejoice now because I now know. I now know that the Jesus/God that we worship, that we go to church to hear about is not in Ghana. He doesn’t even know there is a country called Ghana. And this is a proven fact. Please I would advice you all to stop going to church with immediate effect because you are wasting your time, all your praise and worship, your chants and tongues is not getting anywhere. Kindly listen to my words before it is too late, have you heard? Keep your collection money, use it to pay for the lights we are not getting and the water that hardly flows. Or you can also use it for petrol since they keep on increasing the price or gas, because who knows, they might increase it by 50% soon.

Even the Government of Ghana, led by his excellency, John Dramani Mahama knows that God or Jesus has no idea that there is a country called Ghana. I wonder why they are making it public now after all these years, Kwame Nkrumah should have told us this kraa. We have wasted our praise, worship, money and ‘wives’. Yes, wives, those who slept with Mr. Pastor because his penis is the key to heaven. The reason for these words is know by some Ghanaians, the first time I heard about it was from this video made by the FOKN BOIS. At first, I thought they were just joking, I thought they had made something up but I saw it in the headlines yesterday. I read that the Government of Ghana is sponsoring 200 pastors from recognized church bodies to pray for the country in Jerusalem, Israel because that is where Jesus is based. Anyway, the government of Ghana is going to spend $600,000-that is the budget for this pilgrimage even though there are rumours that the actual budget is $2million. Well, if you ask me, I think the $600,000 is quiet small for these 200 pastors so I know it is more than that. Okay, lets just leave this for another day, okay? Please bear with me.

These 200 pastors are going to Jerusalem to pray for the country, our president and the court case that is pending in the high courts. Oh, you didn’t know that there is a court case? Akuffo Addo of the NPP is challenging the results of the last elections in court right now. Personally, I think that case will be in the courts for 4 years before a verdict is given. Yes 4 solid years. I simply don’t understand why the Government is sending these people just to pray, prayers keke oo…just common ‘halababababababa’. Like are we serious at all? I am disgusted by this move of the government, I don’t agree with some of their decisions but with this move, I really think that there is something wrong with minds or they have been cursed or someone somewhere is doing them Juju. Ah, what should I say? Does this even look or sound normal to you? I mean, I thought the bible said ‘where 2 or 3 are gathered, I am in their midst’ or whatever. This is God/Jesus speaking here oo, so if this is in the bible, why do we have to make trips to pray to God? This is why I am saying that they know the truth and do know how to make it public. God is not in Ghana. Jesus has no idea there is a country called Ghana.

Ghana is such a beautiful and peaceful country, its citizens are very ‘warming’ and welcoming, on the other hand Israel is not peaceful, there have been tensions there for time and we really think that Jesus or God is there, right? Such a waste!! The government is noted for putting the cart before the horse and this is a clear example. Mr. President, I dey feel you waa, I hope you saw my post about who I voted for. I have been voting for the NDC since I started voting but some of the decisions you guys make are out of order and this crowns it. Ah so you mean, the current power issues we are having is not important to you or what? Or you will find money for that one. Teachers are going on strike and we know why. Our teachers are not paid well at all and you are sending some people to all the way Israel just to say some prayers and come back, whilst our teachers, nurses and doctors suffer, right? Look at the allowances of these MPs, I hear they were given huge sums or they will be given some huge some of money for them to build their houses. Like seriously? Why shouldn’t there be a flat or apartments for MPs where they can stay during their term in office and after they leave. Why cant there be something like this? Or I am talking nonsense? So that means, after every 4 years, you are going to part away money to MPs to build. Imagine someone like E.T Mensah then. We are wasting money too much on nonsense and its time you sit up paa. When a politician comes to power, the first thing he thinks about is how to enrich himself with the nation’s money and not how to help the country in his own small way, what a mindset.

Our God will even be angry at us for such a move, I am sure and God please don’t add me to these bunch when you are punishing oo.. Me I was in my small corner doing my thing for coins. Most of the pastors said it was wrong timing because Easter is just around the corner. So they were also going to make this trip? Nkwasiafuor akwaaka!!!

As for Ghana, we will suffer oo… it will never be well with ways like these!! Never!! I need to end this post now before my lights go off, kindly continue for me.



44 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Know Ghana!!

  1. *clears throat* so i started reading this post and thought “Mutombo has finally embraced his inner madness”. I did not plan to finish reading the post. Maybe I was taking you too seriously. Then it hit me. Humour. And so nicely done. I had a grin on my face throughout the piece. I like this (i’ll follow the blog when i get home).

    Fact: We are all aware of God’s omnipresent characteristic. Now that that’s out of the way, we can think up real reasons why the money was granted to some 200 pastors. It could be that the pastors already wanted to go to Israel (I know I do) and needed to find a way to make it look good to Ghanaians who hear that their money is sponsoring them, so they cooked up this story. Or it could be that the President truly believes that going to Israel to pray will make a difference. And then there’s the question of why not few pastors to cut down the budget? After all we need the money to develop the country. Or?

    Also, I totally agree that we (we being the governing body of Ghana) have priorities misplaced and what not, but the suffering depends on where you fall. If your father or uncle or even mother’s sister’s friend is one of these pot-bellied politicians then you are safe. You are assured of getting enough petrol/diesel/gas to power an expensive generator when ECG show its true colours, or better by virtue of living next to an MP/Minister, you will not have your lights cut off. Isn’t that interesting?

    I dont think Ghana will stay this way because it seems that our generation has a lot to say about the ‘negatives’ of the current governing body of the country, so I’m hoping that when it is our turn to rule the country we call beautiful and peaceful, we will not do the same things that are being done now. But then again, I am sure those in power now saw the corruption that was going on in Ghana when they were just young adults, and vowed to not do same, but look where we are. There may be a disease, some form of cancer (I am yet to name it) that corrupts the souls of people who are voted into power. This cancer may corrupt the same individuals who are today vehemently criticizing the governing body if they are giving the same chance.

    1. I like the first section of your comment,but I like the last section better.The part about the cancer of power and not having found a name for it yet.I’ll be looking for a name for it too.

  2. I don’t get anything here,people should empower themselves and forget about politicans and stop dragging Jesus in this mess. There is heaven and hell so lets not be decieved. Do any of us think this same policians spending money with their family and drinking human blood for their needs. God will not want to put all of us in the same place but coming out to tell me people not to go to church honey I can tell you! You will one day remember my comment in hell or your followers. Wickedness dwells among this generation but that doesn’t mean you tell a people not to go to church. If God is not in Ghana,God need need kill all Nigerians. Ghana does not need ndc or npp! They are all thieves in my opinion but one of them is better than the other which I think ndc is better.

  3. I used to think that church wasn’t worth it. Considering all the hypocrisy that goes on. Then I realised it wasn’t about them. Church is about my fellowship with God.a personal relationship….
    Then there’s the case ov politics. Money corrupts people so easily. Its rather shameful the government won’t use the money to give little kids on the street a home but choose to use it to fly Pastors to pray for Ghana. Our money!!!! But the four year term of every one of them will be over. Then we can hope for better. Funny enough, Ghanaians are so grounded in ‘tribal’ politics that,its only two parties that have an actual chance of ruling this country, when real nationalists are denied a chance. I don’t believe in politics at all but I know We will get better as a nation, no matter how long it takes. :). With a lot more thought provoking pieces like this

  4. though i don’t agree with everything, i enjoyed the humor and sarcasm. it bothers me when peeps see Israel as heaven. and the pastors also are so myopic that they put their self interests first. a case of the blind man leading the one eyed man with no mouth…

  5. personally for a president who is apparently allegedly supposed to die, be it by curse or arms would do anything out of paranoia. besides Akuufo Addo is in court challenging him, he needs all the luck one could get, SO WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE TOO?

  6. I will admit I don’t agree with the statements God doesn’t know Ghana and Christians should stop going to church. The world today is a very messed up place. There is a lot going on in religion, politics, sport and other areas that are just wrong.

    “For lack of knowledge my people perish”

    I respect your views Mutumbo. I understand where you are coming from. I believe we should all free our minds and say what we feel can liberate others.

    There is a lot of funny sad stuff happening in our country and honestly I believe with all that is happening today, church or christianity is one of the major forces of giving people hope for a better tomorrow. Dr.Mensah Otabil said this a few weeks ago and I completely agree with him.

    Granted there a few bad nuts in the system. Its not a perfect system but there are good people out there. The Bible is a holy book let’s use it to guide ourselves towards the truth.

    Lovely piece. I love it because it get us to come out and question society’s position on things. But chale u too stop fooling and go to church! Lol

    Make Jesus proud Mutumbo

    1. Amen, maybe one day I will start going to church so the pastor can have a chance to take my money.Or a friend said she has seen a vision that I will start my own ministry. Jesus is coming

  7. Dude, misinformation is what fuels ignorance and spite. I hope that by now you’ve probably heard that the trip isn’t being sponsored by the Ghana government, as you say, but rather by private individuals and organizations. Regardless of the fact that I agree that this (travelling to Israel to pray) in itself is an exercise in futility, I feel things really need to be put into proper perspective. Unless, of course, you belong to that “school of thought” who believes that this revelation (i.e. the announcement regarding the true sponsors) in itself is yet another government sham.

  8. the situation in Ghana is not a unique one. African leaders have always been selfish and catering for the interest of a selected group of people in society. if it is not their paddies, or the ‘backers’, who always remain in the background, then the rest of the population can go hang for all they care.
    some of us saw a thing like this coming re: Pastors to Israel when he organized a breakfast for the clergy at the Castle gardens. we seem to have conveniently forgotten that one. but in historical retrospect all over the world, the church and the government have always had an interesting symbiotic relationship. when Karl Marx said “Religion is the opium of the masses” he was referring to the Russian case of the Orthodox church influencing the mindsets of the population. This is still going on but where more than in Africa.
    Religion is always a fallback when Africans go through strife and by now am sure some of you reading this are understanding where the Ghanaian ‘fa ma nyame’ (give it to God) concept has its roots cos Mbiti describes the African as ‘incurably religious’. we will complain but give it to God.
    Mutombo this piece is an enlightening piece and in the words of one of my mentors, who lays dying now ‘it is you the youth who have the knowledge who have to sit up and write about these things. write and keep writing until you are heard’.
    so in my own words thank you for the piece. u asked that i try to finish it, i did not cos there is more to say.
    WRITUA CONTINUA!! (now am being silly) 🙂

  9. I think you are making a point here .Thus brilliant but the point of quitting from church and saying there isn’t God in Ghana .Thus very ridiculous man. Have you forgotten of the Omnipotent, Omnipresence God? God is every.Please do yourself a favour and go back to church.

        1. …n u think insulting him iz da best way to get ur point accross???…rather than wasting ur tym preaching against da *wrong* thingz y not use da same tym to preach watz *right*..u can alwayz make ur viewz heard widawt necessarily insulting da other person…

          1. I really like it when people who reason rear my blog, however, I know people like you visit my blog so I have to be understanding.Where in that post, did u see an insult?

  10. I think this person is an agent of satan.what is wrong if your nation president organize his pastor s to pray for him.or you expect him to go to the shrine. We have seen many kings in the bible going to their prophets to intercede and require from the spirit rearm what their problem is.Do u think they will go and only pray for the president. They will as well pray for our nation too.the Israel is only to encourage their moral.The president is the best president I have seen.we are all control by spirits,if no holy spirit is evele spirit but who ever wrote thes is of evele spirit he should come quickly for deliverance.

    1. I really dont think going to Israel is necessary.Wasting all that money on such a trip when I believe ‘God’ will hear your prayers even from this land.Let us be reasonable, teachers are going on strike because they are not money, u keep on complaining about this light off issue.dont u think that money can help.talk abt priorities

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