Tell Me The Difference?!



I planned to put up a picture on my tumblr everyday and talk about it.But for some reasons the tumblr on my phone is not allowing me to put up 2 pictures at a time.i dont know why. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I have not been home too to use my laptop, that wouldn’t have even been possible because I dont have a bundle on my modem and I also dont have power. So I am using WordPress on my mobile phone.

Anyway, I was walking in town and came across these 2 pictures that you see above. The first picture is that of a native doctor and please be reminded that, it is a poster. The second doesnt have so much details but it is that of a church, and please be reminded that it is a Billboard. Obviously, billboards are more expensive and the get your attention easily but that isnt what I want to talk about in this post.

Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2? Do you think there is a difference at all? The second picture does not have enough details but I am sure you are aware of some of the things that these churches promise its congregation.  From prosperity, marriage and visas to travel overseas. The first poster is promising the same things, I guess. Please is there a difference?

If you ask me, I think there is no difference since all of them are promising the same things and they all believe in God, channels are different though. If you have been to a native doctor before, then im sure you know their ways and almost all of you are aware of the ways of these churches.

Anyway, let’s just think about this and I will post about it on a better day. For now, I would like to say to that guy who wanted to rip the native doctors poster to think well….


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