World Poetry Day


Thanks to technology, im in bed typing out this post. On my phone, my mac is by me and im not even bothered to turn it on.Besides, I dont have an internet bundle on my 3 modems. I use Vodafone, Tigo and Glo modems and they are so expensive. If you didnt know, internet in Ghana is so expensive so I am limited. I have so many video links sitting on ‘stickies’ for me to watch but, bundle!! Anyway, if u don’t use a Mac, you wouldn’t know what stickies are. As for laptops, I love Macs, for your info.

Today is world Poetry Day, I dont know why they chose this date but yeah, 21st of March is world Poetry Day worldwide . They should have chosen my birthday 11th August as the day but. In Ghana, a couple of events will go down today, including a flashmob throughout some principal streets and poets will be performing at various spots during this ‘mob’. In the evening, a secondary school poetry show will take place at the National Theatre and im sure is going to be fun. I hope to make it so I see some performances.

The celebration started last night with the Ehalakasa Poetry Show at this place in Osu called Smoothies. I was there, I performed and surprisingly sold several copies of my first spoken word album called Photosentences. Taking the wrapper off to sign is work though. Ei, im too known oo. The picture you see up is from last night’s show.

Poetry has been an integral part of our history but recent artforms like hiplife, highlife and currently, Azonto has over-shadowed this beautiful artform. In 2006 when I started this, there were no poets at all, I just knew of one other poet called Sir Black. Today, there are so many poets in Ghana and its growing day by day. I am glad to be an inspiration to most of these poets and I know that soon, poetry will take over and we need your support to make this happen. Listen and buy my spoken word album Photosentences here.

Keep on listening!!!!!


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