Kwahu And Easter


There is a big park down my street, and this is what I am thinking, I am going to buy some sand and maybe stones to create huge mountains. 2 of them and they will be side by side. It will last for a couple of days, I am doing this with Easter in my mind. I need to make some money and I am thinking about all sorts, my mind is just pacing. This plan has to work and trust me, I will make some money in a couple of days, after Easter is over.

I don’t know why some Ghanaians, especially the youth like to celebrate Easter on the ‘mountains’ like that, I will try to find my own ‘two by four’ reason for this and I hope it makes sense. Easter is synonymous (is that the word I am looking for?) with the Ghanaian youth, I am wondering if it has been so from, let’s say 1957 or it just started. And why did they choose Kwahu as the spot to fit this pilgrimage? What attracted my people to this location because as far as I am concerned, there are so many better locations in the country, even in the capital and please I am not bullshitting Kwahu, I beg. I have 4 ancestors who came from there and I am also from the Eastern Region (Aburi) so… nigga please!!!

All I am trying to say is, why did we find ourselves suddenly tripping to Kwahu during Easter? Was it the work of a radio station or the gods directed such? When it’s a few weeks to Easter, all you will see/hear are promos on the radio, tv and the newspapers about events taking place in Kwahu, I am not saying nothing goes on in my capital but the main focus is on Kwahu. I have had several calls this week from friends who are calling to check if I will be going to Kwahu this Easter. I have friends who are back in the country because of this pilgrimage, one started talking about it to me on her London bed in January and she called me last 2 nights that she was in the country… for Kwahu. I have never been to Kwahu, and I don’t intend to visit that place because of Easter chilling, no! I will only go there on Easter if I have a role to play, if I am going to work, not to chill. So with this, you can count me out. I have heard of the bad things that go on there too. Last year, news came that a couple was seen having sex in the open. Pictures started surfacing on the internet. Not just that, my friends who go there talk about how they get cheap pussy to fuck and all, maybe that is why they fancy that place during Easter. But why would you want to travel to Kwahu for that? I thought pussy was everywhere, or? Don’t start concluding please, I am tired of these attacks, I am sure you all have your personal reasons why you make this trip during Easter.. kwaakwaa!!

Now Kwahus and Easter- The Story according to me:

We all know Kwahus or people from Kwahu are all about business, they love making money and are hardworking. They will do anything lucrative and because of this, they are scattered all over the country. They don’t like staying in their town at all. In Ghana, people go to their towns and villages to celebrate Christmas because they believe this is a time to see family and catch up with things that went on during the year, when everyone leaves, business somehow comes to a stand still and you will find it hard to get shit moving. The Kwahus thought about this, in fact, they were smart about this and were like, “instead of going to our hometown at Christmas, why don’t we stay and allow the others to go so we handle business? This is a time that we can make more money because all the other traders/businessmen are going, gone to celebrate Christmas in their hometowns. We make some money at Christmas then we go to our Kwahu at Easter!” When you compare these 2 festivities, Ghanaians celebrate Christmas more than Easter so their decision made a whole lot of sense.

Other people started following these Kwahus to their hometown because they are still not aware of their plan. Smart asses!! What are you doing this Easter, going to Kwahu or attending one of these church picnics? Fill me in on your plans, who knows, I might be able to help. And follow me on twitter @mutombodapoet. I nearly forgot, who one of you have paraglided in Kwahu yet?

And thank you all for voting for me in the BlogCamp Social Media Awards, i took home the Personality with Best Social Media Presence Award. More to come. check out

Kwahu ooo Kwahu!!!!


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