St. Lunatics


Mad men and women, lunatics or mental patients are one of the ‘tourist attraction’ you will see in the capital Accra. This one too someone should attack me like I am telling lies, I saw how u guys attacked the Karen girl on Huffington and I am ready for you. There are mad people on every principal street in the capital, just name the street and I will show u a mad man or woman who patrols or gallivants on that street. Most of the times, these mad people carry their luggage, eating from gutters etc and I have seen a mad woman at circle drinking from a gutter before. And it’s sad to say that sometimes most of them are naked, like totally naked. There was this giant mad man who used to be around the ring road and he was always naked, he is the only mad man I am scared of because he is a giant, like almost 7feet tall.

Anyway, since I have established the fact that mad people are too many in the country or for that matter, the city, let me move to the reason for this post. No, before that, I hear our mental hospitals are over crowded. So what happens? Are they going to release more mad people onto the streets to threaten people? Yes, some of these mad people get violent, a mad man smashed my friend’s window late last year. Sister Deborah, that lady who caused with Uncle Obama song has been slightly threatened by a mad man in traffic before, only God! Yes, this is serious, I tell you. But I heard that most of the patients in our mental hospitals are not there because they have problems with drugs and all like we always think oo, I heard most of the cases are there because of LOVE! Heartbreaks and disappointments and I wont doubt this at all because I have gone through one heartbreak before and if it wasn’t for friends eh, like I would have been a man mad by now. Herh, it’s serious business oo, love is no joke ooo…. So all those who foolishly love, be careful.


But in this post I want to talk about one mad man who has been in my neighbourhood for a very long time, his name is Kwamina. I have known this man for not less than 15yrs and I see him regularly. He is not violent and all, well, those days he could get violent if you pushed him but now, he is very cool. Even sane people get violent when you push them, right? He speaks good fanti and I have been trying so hard to have a chat with him but people always distract us. When people see us talking, they gather around and Kwamina backs off. You will see him in the morning moving from this food joint to that food joint begging for food and I have never seen any of the ‘sellers’ being mean to him, maybe it’s because they know him. Kwamina smokes wee and I wonder where he gets them. I jokingly begged him for wee a couple of years back and the wee he gave me was made up of only seeds and twigs so I’m guessing he goes to the ‘ghettos’ to get the chaff. There have been several stories about where he came from but I won’t talk about it now, because I really want to have a chat with him and find out for myself.


But there is one thing about Kwamina that I like, anytime you give him money or food, he digs into his cigarette box or luggage and gives you lotto numbers to stake. I am yet to know if someone has ever won.


What is the government really doing about these man people in the city because what they sometimes do in public is not really good, last week, I saw one defecating by a main road and that was just not right.

Meet Kwamina anyway.


14 thoughts on “St. Lunatics

  1. aww .i would love meet him. but i’ll probably be a little scared. my friend had this mad man in his area at sakumono .he was also deaf and dumb. when ever my friend goes for he a smoke he’ll ask for a pass. one day my friend was coming home from town when he saw a crowd gathered around the railways. moving in for a close look, it was his mad friend with only his head intact. the rest of him was like corned beef. hmm

  2. Truth is, I didn’t read even half of the post, I skipped through it. The photos got my attention. you got Kwamena posing for you et al..damn!

  3. its jux sad sometimes but i hope government or even agencies responsible are putting in place pragmatic steps to help mad folks.

  4. I was about to attack you by your headline, but you know what, you hit it right on the head. I will forward this to the head of psychiatry. We as a nation really really need to do something about our most vulnerable!

  5. Love it. I hope someone with some faith stake those lotto numbers and let’s see what he or she wins. #GodWorksInMysteriousWays abi?

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