I am pissed!! Never been this angry in a long while! And no, nobody offended me in any way, no one can. Well, a bunch of people did. So yeah, I am pissed! I don’t know what is wrong with my team at all. They fail you when they get to crucial stages in tournament and its now becoming annoying. Yesterday’s defeat against Bayern was just out of place, how can you allow them to score not just 1, not just 2, not just 3 but 4 solid and beautiful goals. Smh!! I just can’t comprehend. Been supporting this team since 1997 and last night was just… I’m appalled.

Anyway, that isn’t my main aim for this post, but I had to chip that in, it was so disgusting last night and the annoying thing was, I was sporting my Barca jersey and sitting the front row in the midst of some against fans. Smh!! I hope things get better with my team oo.. I just hope… All eyes were turned to Boston last week after 2 brothers detonated 2 bombs at the Boston Marathon. I think 3 people died and several people were injured. Several legs were amputated and all. It was sad and after a manhunt, the older brother was killed and the younger one was caught. He was hiding in a boat in someone’s backyard. I mean, a boat! Smh.


During this manhunt and incident, bomb-blast in Iraq killed over 60 people and several were injured but this wasn’t captured in the news/media because all eyes were on Boston. Smh!! Or you are saying deaths are so common in Iraq so it is now normal, you don’t feel a thing when someone is killed in that part, right?

Anyway, when this Boston incident happened, my mind was shifted to my motherland, Ghana. I was thinking, ‘what if this happened here’, will we have apprehended the culprits within days like the Americans did? No, I don’t think we would have even apprehended them in this lifetime. We have this Milo Marathon that goes on yearly and Nyame n’pangu, imagine something like that happens, do we even have CCTV cameras along the routes? Hell no! Organizers are always busy thinking about how to get these athletes water to drink, what the hell is  CCTV to them.

Last Friday, we went to the Flagstaff House and for those who have no idea what this place is, it’s the ‘seat’ of government, that is where you find the president’s office. A group of young people who are tired of the situation in the country decided to deliver some letters to the president.

The campaign went on for weeks on twitter and facebook because we knew so many people were fed-up with the state of the country, I always see tweets and all that all the time so we wanted people to join in this step. In all about 50 people confirmed that they would make it on Friday and I was so happy, I would call Golda (the lady who actually started this campaign) and we would be excited about the number, it looked good but guess what, on the day, we only got 10 people.


This didn’t deter us, we went ahead and presented our letters and my only hope is for the president to see the contents of those letters. I hope he is able to read my handwriting. We have a follow up plan and we will keep on until we are heard, until we see a change.


Ghanaians are scared to speak, they are afraid to come out and fight for their rights and I know where the problem comes from. It is because of how we were raised. When you are a child in Ghana, you are not supposed to question elders (authorities), when you do, you are sometimes beaten or shouted at. In my case, my mom or my grandma would hit my mouth to keep quite. Anything an adult does or says is right and this grows with us to adulthood. We will never question, we will never protest and the man at the top will still be chopping our money.



3 thoughts on “#1SimpleStep

  1. This is definitely true. We’re conditioned from a young age to be servile, like an adult elephant tied to a post believing it cannot break free because it was too weak to do so as a child. This is just a new form of slavery/colonialism with dark skin. Smh.

  2. Happy to hear about the Barca defeat, sad to hear about the Boston bombing,Sad to hear about the Iraqi issues, and sad to hear only 20% of people who expressed interest turned up on the day. I am not surprised though, and I know you are not either. We love to talk, but when it comes to taking that simple step…..no one budges!

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