So last night I was dragged to a studio that I have not visited since 2008, that very night, Reggie Rockstone, Wanlov, M3NSA and some other guys were recording a Blackstars song. Mtcheww, but they didn’t even win the cup. Yes, it was during the CAN 2008. Ah wait, Wanlov, were you there that night? So yes, I visited Rockstone’s studio again and it was kind of nostalgic.
Anyway, I went there not because I had to record a spoken word track but to record my session for the Coz Ov Moni Part 2. Yes, most of the vocals have been laid already and shooting is about to commence soon. I didn’t make this news exciting at all so I will take that part again-… Anyway, I went there not because I had to record a spoken word track but to record my session for the Coz Ov Moni Part 2!! YESSSSS!!!!


Coz Ov Moni Part 2 is coming!! (Much better) I know you have been waiting for so long for this to happen. I can’t stop watching the Part One myself and anytime I do, it brings back memories, memories of shooting and especially the launch. Anyway, this time, it’s not just Wanlov and M3NSA going to do the talking/rapping but a whole lot of other people/artists who have being giving roles. Looks very exciting and I don’t want to fill you in on who and who is featuring, even though Yaa Pono recorded his part with ease last night.


My recording last night was a little big tough since It involved some serious emotions, I am cry-talking after being punched in the tummy so you can imagine, it’s a bridge between me crying and forcing shit out actually, but hey, I did it without even realizing. We fool and laugh small and work small. During our recording session last night, there was a film crew from Switzerland (National TV) who have been following the FOKN BOIS for days with their equipments, they are shooting a documentary on the FOKN BOIS. I was in the studio so I will appear in that documentary. I got to know from one of the men that, the camera they have been using for this task is a Sony 550 and a particular lens on the camera is $35,000 Shit mehn!! Another lens was $15,000!! Charley, and I am here using this tiny Canon t3i thinking I am the shit!! I am shit!



Anyway, be informed that COZ OV MONI PART TWO is coming your way soon and I will be blogging about it when shooting begins. You can follow me on twitter @MutomboDaPoet for stuff and hey I have too. If you didn’t or haven’t watched the Part One, here you go COZ OV MONI Part One

**Please all pictures were taken with my phone and blogging was done on my phone too…in bed…thanks.


6 thoughts on “COZ OV MONI Part II

  1. Your phone takes nice pictures, okay? Don’t mind those Swiss people, waving their 6 digit equipment in your face. You are also a man!

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