James Town is obviously a town/district, which can be found in the capital of Ghana, Accra. Close by it, to the west, is the Korle Lagoon popularly known as ‘Lavender Hill’ and to the south, you will find the Gulf of Guinea. Because of the big ocean to the south, most of the people in James Town are fishermen or are in a way or another deal with ‘fishes’. I don’t want to get into all of these technicalities now, that should be the work of those book-long people who are not aware of the existence of wikipedia. Too-known bloggers!!!

I spent time with Accra dot Alt’s Strolling Goats, and I know some of you will be confused because I was confused when I heard about it on Wednesday. When I am confused, everyone is confused! Anyway, I got the invitation to join these ‘goats’ on Wednesday 24th April at the ‘Ancient Soul Cries’ Launch at Alliance Francaise. Enough love to Jahwi for launching this album finally and I thank him for allowing simpol tinz and moi to host this event. Basically Strolling Goats is a photo-walk, they pick a place and go for a photo walk.

Strolling Goats happened in James Town and every part of it was awesome. That is why I am doing this post anyway and that is why I opened this post with serious facts about James Town (take it or leave it. They were serious facts). I am not going to talk about the pictures I took, even though I will share a couple with this post and put a whole lot on mutombodapoet.tumblr.com, what I am going to talk about is the ‘other-side’ of James Town. I am saying the other side because I always have negative images in my head when James Town is mentioned.



I was wrong, what I experienced on Saturday 27th April, 2013 was bliss, from the people, sanitation and the kenkey I ate with mates. The people, from the children to grandparents were so receptive and they were willing to help. I always thought the ga people were so rowdy and I was actually expecting that plus some rudeness. Not even a trace of those characteristics came to sight. The children always posed for the cameras and offered to help if they realized you were having difficulty with your luggage. I bought an earthenware pot at the Salaga Market which can be found around James Town and the place was clean and in place. Well I didn’t travel the whole market but the little I saw…


wpid-IMG_9970.jpgJames town was one of the transit points for slaves during that time and I learnt there was an active slave market there. There is the Usher Fort and so many other colonial buildings that still look strong and also a good tourist attraction. I also say the ga people have failed to tell their story in everyway because if you look around there are so many sights worth seeing but…



I honestly don’t know why a whole lot of negative stories come up when James Town in mentioned because what I saw there was totally different, or maybe they act when they see me around? No, I don’t think so. It’s a beautiful place and I will spend more time there, luckily I found a photo studio there where I can be developing my film so…. Later on this year, in September, the Chalewote Festival will take place throughout James Town and you need to be there. I have a spot where I can get cheap fish to buy as well, will fill you in soon.

Do well to check mutombodapoet.tumblr.com for more pictures from this day.





6 thoughts on “JAMES TOWN

  1. Jamestown in Ghana was established around the same time as Jamestown in Virginia USA which is famous for the Pocahontas story. In our Jamestown there existed a fishing harbor which has evolved into a fishing village and there we have the first lighthouse in Ghana.
    British colonists set up Cadbury Ltd to process our cocoa for the world famous chocolate maker just down the shore from Jamestown.

  2. Nice piece, awesome photos. I hope i get an invite next time for strolling goats. Any idea when Chale Wote Street Art Festival will come on?

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