Case Of The Ex.

I was going through twitter some minutes ago and I saw a tweet that was retweeted onto my timeline. It was a tweet from a lady who was negatively labelling her ‘ex-boyfriend’. She was talking about him to another man, her ex boy’s friend. So I just went off twitter, opened my WordPress app on my phone to post this.

Why do people speak negatively about their partners when they break up? That shit confuses me a whole lot. I have been in the same boat before, dont get me wrong so I am asking myself the same question. We know we were with this ‘negative’ boy/girl all along so what was keeping us in that relationship, and why didnt we talk negatively about them when we were together but rather wait for a break up before we voice out? This confuses me a whole lot.

And its a whole new level if you tweet about it or ‘diss’ him to his own friend on social media. I really think we should grow up after break ups, let that partner go in peace and hope for the best. Imagine the other person involved is as ‘mad’ as me and decides to ‘punch’ back on social media. Just imagine!!! But I matured anyway, there are somethings that I will never do anymore no matter it’s impact. I see so many things about me on social media but i ignore and I think it is working for me. What I do now is to wish the best for whoever is doing this and move on. I pray you adapt the same lifestyle. I know we can’t totally erase thoughts and the ways of our exes and we would talk about them to our friends and all, that is allowed. You just dont have to bring it to social media. That is what I think.

Wish you all a good weekend!! Going back to bed!


3 thoughts on “Case Of The Ex.

  1. I agree with the points you’ve raised. But I think this is a good opportunity to tell a good woman from a bad one. It’s a cue employers look out for when they interview employees. If he/she begins to bad-mouth the previous employee, that should tell you he won’t be a faithful employee, and cannot keep company secrets.

    I why should people always break-up on a bad note? Is there nothing like a “mutual agreement”? Especially when both parties can tell 3nk) yie…

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