Fatality Friday

I call this day #FatalityFriday for obvious reasons, but before I start this post, I want to send my sympathy to the family of the slain soldier. May Drummer Lee Rigby rest in peace and those responsible brought to justice.

I have galloped the whole of Accra today, errm, I shouldn’t lie to my readers! Okay, fine, I have moved from the north to the southern part of the capital from 7am this morning. It is 2:30pm now and I just entered the house, hence this post. The reason why I call today #FatalityFriday is because I have seen 2 fatal accidents. I experienced the second one about 45mins ago on the Ofankor-Achimota road.

The first accident happened right in front of me, about 100metres and it involved about 3 cars, 2 were trotros (rickety commercial mini buses) and the other a private car. If you live in Ghana, you wont ask me whose fault it was because we all know how reckless trotro drivers are. Yes, I said it! In this accident, there were mostly women and children and all of them sustained various degrees injuries, thankfully, there were no deaths. This happened in the morning around 8am when people were heading to the city centre to hustle for some cash, may they get well quick.


Now here is the twist, the second accident I witnessed this afternoon happened about 50metres from where the first occurred and sadly, the driver died on the spot. This involved a ‘tipper truck’ carrying sand. It was trying to swerve a taxi driver that crossed, but ended up hitting one of the pillars supporting an overpass on the ofankor-achimota road. The same tipper-truck whisked by me earlier with a speed that I didn’t understand, it was doing about 90 or 100km/hr and I wondered why he was speeding, then I said to myself, maybe his truck is new so he had hope in it, only to see it demolished after about 4 minutes.



Now there is a reason why I always say I want 2 smart phones with good camera because I always see things that I can blog about but most of the time my phone is dying or dead and my dslr is too bulky to carry around. My phone was dead when I saw the second accident so I had to beg this guy to allow me to take pictures with his phone so he could send them to mine via whatsapp. Thanks to him. I need another phone specially reserved for blogging etc so one of you should just get me the Samsung S4. If you don’t and do so myself, I will stop blogging! Simple!

What are we as citizens doing to stop these road accidents? I know it cant totally stop, there will be mishaps every now and then but we can do well to curb or minimize. Most of them can be avoided if drivers of trotros and taxis pay attention to traffic regulations, but every one of them is busy chasing money so…

I am seriously tired of talking about these road accidents, let me get something to drink and pray for the other brother who was in the truck with the deceased, he should be strong. Yes, I heard they were brothers in the same hustle.


3 thoughts on “Fatality Friday

  1. do what i do. buy an extra battery and carry the plug in (plug into the nearest laptop) charger around. sorry you had to see all this and you have no idea how happy most of us are that you were just a witness.

  2. extended battery pack for S3 makes it bulky but it can last 4 days (with heavy use) on a full charge, look for the 7200maH battery

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