Sad End!

Kwame Nkrumah is not the only ‘hero’ in Ghana. He is not the  only man who fought for Ghana’s independence, there are others who fought our colonial master in so many other ways. But our independence to me is meaningless.

Who remembers the shooting on February 28, 1948, when some veterans decided to march to the Christianborg Castle, the seat of the then colonial government to demand their unpaid benefits, their poor conditions and also neglect? Who remembers? On this day, you will also remember that, 3 ex-service men were shot, right? Their names are Sergeant Cornelius Frederick Adjetey, Private Odartey Lamptey and Corporal Attipoe.

Now, here is where Ex Sergeant Cornelius Frederick Adjetey is resting now!!

IMG-20130602-WA0001 IMG-20130602-WA0000


Is this how it’s supposed to be? What happened to the Military Cemetery at Osu. Or he does not fit? The grave is located close to the Labadi Primary School.

This is indeed sad, especially for someone like him who played a major role in the fight for independence, which to me, is still meaningless.

Thanks to Rudolf for passing on to me, these pictures.



9 thoughts on “Sad End!

  1. I feel your sentiments. I believe we artists can do much more in this country with our God given talent. Can’t we organise a restoration, even if it is only for that small area surrounding his grave.
    It is indeed sad.

  2. True.Sad end for Sgt. Adjetey.
    I wonder what happened before he ended up there.Maybe,that place was important in the past.
    But yes,we have a military cemetery.
    I don’t know if it ‘existed’ at the time he was buried.

    But why is Ghana’s independence meaningless to you? I’m just curious.

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