The Golden Baobab Prize

goldn baobab

So somewhere last week, Nana Ama (@JunkieOnMars) contacted me, her mission was upsetting, funny and confusing at the same time. I don’t know why she decided to suggest that to me but after our conversation, I thought through it and realized how it would benefit me if I tried.

Nana Ama was able to gather courage to tell me how I have been disturbing her twitter timeline for decades and how I should put my writing (tweets) to good use. She went ahead to suggest this writing competition that is up now and asked me to take part so I get something from my ‘noise’! I got confused because I thought most of you enjoyed and loved my tweets, I thought you people always waited to see my tweets and you were not fed up with the number of times I shared my works on twitter. Anyway, it’s all good, I am going to slow things down now, at least for some days because I want to take part in this competition and I also want you to try it out because I know most of you are writers, let’s just have fun writing.

It’s the Golden Baobab Prize and this time they are awarding 3 prizes.

• The Picture Book Prize awards $1,000 to the best story written for readers ages 6-8;

• The Early Chapter Book Prize awards $1,000 to the best story written for readers ages 9-11

• The Rising Writer Prize awards $1,000 to the most promising young writer below the age of 18.

I think I am going to try my hands on the second and I need to do it fast because the deadline is fast approaching. The deadline is July 14, 2013, so I have, let’s say a little over 2 weeks more to work. I know some of you can write or definitely know people who are writers, just spread the news so they take part and ensure that you tell them how they need to split the prize money with you. You also don’t just get money but also publishing deals and opportunities to attend exclusive Golden Baobab writer’s workshops.

I have done my part, the rest is up to you. You can find additional info at:

Facebook page:

Twitter page:





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