Recent happenings have me so baffled, its like we all have an opinion and something to say, which is good, but we forget to dig rally deep. I am referring to Trayvon’s case. I don’t really want to get into this because I don’t want to be judged, I am not ready to face any ‘blows’ today so I will just leave it as it is. All I want to say is, racism still goes on, especially from Black and Whites. Lol! They have increased fuel again, that should be my worry. ECG is still messing up with my light, that should be my worry. Everything is not right in my country so I should be worried, after these problems, I can go across oceans.

I just heard that parliament might be passing a law that will put a tax on condoms, to you out there who do not understand, this means the price of condoms will increase if this law is passed. Come on, I’m just joking! I know you are all smart people. I hear this will only affect only condoms that are imported. How will I understand this? The majority of condom users are young people who are unemployed but want to always wiggle their waist, if life isn’t ‘sweet’, at least the waist should enjoy, anaa? Putting a tax on condoms means, young people, the unfortunate ones, will find it difficult to purchase these latexes to protect themselves from STDs, especially HIV/AIDS.

I don’t know if Ghana produces condoms, or wait, those Panther Condoms that used to be on the market were made here? Those were nasty condoms, they feel like you are wearing a jacket on your penis, you don’t feel anything at all. I prefer Durex or Ruff Rider Studded, but we all know raw is the best. These people charle! Now what is the government trying to say? I don’t want to put anything down here but I know you are thinking what I am thinking. If we don’t get money to buy condoms then it means we have to go raw, if we go raw then it means what?

I know they are trying to get all of us to pay tax in a way but out of a 1000 things, why did they choose condoms? I know very soon it will be on medical supplies and that will mean doom!! I wont talk much.


3 thoughts on “I.R.S.

      1. personally I feel this NDC govt came without any policy, they look clueless. and this court case isnt conducive for investors cos our stability is on the edge. we are a TITANIC of a nation.

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