Kiki Gyan’s babe, Vanessa


In the early 2000s, if I am right, around 2002/3, I came into contact with a Ghanaian artist called Kiki Gyan. He was a keyboardist, producer and musician and played with the famous Osibisa Band who toured the world, performing to crowds of about 200,000 and even played in the Buckingham Palace for the Queen. At a point in time he was rated the 8th keyboardist in the whole world. Most of these achievements were before his 21st birthday. 208496245-miles5-copy1

I met him at Kaneshie Sports Complex, I was on my way to play basketball, he approached me and we became friends from then. I did not know he was Kiki Gyan, until he introduced himself. I was star-struck! We saw each other frequently, sometimes came to watch basketball and he shared with me, stories of his travels, music, all the good time he has had, his ‘mistakes’ in life and also his family. During one of these conversations, he told me about his daughter in the United States called Vanessa Gyan, not much was said about her and I didn’t ask questions either because I thought there was no way I was going to meet her. Never!

Kiki in Hat
Kiki in Hat

I have a couple of Kiki Gyan’s songs, and anytime I want to listen to more, I go on youtube. There was one time that I saw a ‘Vanessa Gyan’ comment on one of the videos, remembered Kiki mention that name to me over 10years ago but I had to be sure so I sent her a message and guess what? It was the same Vanessa I had heard about over 10years ago. We are now friends and even though I have not been able to share with her some of the stories her Dad told me, I know that will happen soon.

Vanessa has two degrees, one in Libral Arts and the other in tv/radio communications. She went to Brooklyn College and also has a certificate in journalism from NYU, She is a Media Personality and has been working in that field for some years in America, when we connected, she was working for the now defunct “shesomajor” website and was covering events and doing interviews in the States.39184_540559399423_1353798_n

During one of our conversations, she told me she had not had the chance to rest for the past 4 years since she is always on the move covering events, doing interviews and other things related to her field. She has interviewed Boyz II Men, Melanie Fiona, Jennifer Williams, Tyrese, Swizz Beatz, Angela Simmons, just to mention a few.  She also covered a couple of events like the launch of Lucid Lip Gloss by Jennifer Williams, the premiere of Tamar & Vince, Pepsi presents Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Song ‘BAD’ etc. She wants to look at working with young girls since she has a passion to guide the younger generation of girls.

Vee with Boyz II Men
Vee with Boyz II Men

The twist to all this is, she is relocating next month to Ghana, she took this decision because of so many reasons but mainly because she wants to contribute to the Media/Entertainment scene in Ghana. She has lots to offer the country and she has been counting down to her arrival for so long. I personally think the entertainment scene here in Ghana needs a facelift, everything is on the same path and it has become boring. It needs new ideas, and I know Vanessa will bring some fresh-new ideas. She will be also working with Scratch Magazine/Studios and she is even on the cover of the latest edition.vee

You can follow Vanessa Gyan on twitter and you can find her on facebook as

May Kiki Gyan Rest In Peace, I will dedicate a special post to him soon.





9 thoughts on “Kiki Gyan’s babe, Vanessa

  1. Mr. Mutombo, you always impress me with your spoken word. Now, you have really impressed me with your writing. I read the story of Kiki Gyan sometime ago and I really respect his contribution to music. Thanks for this write-up, it was worth knowing

  2. Most greats they say die before their time, (Madiba certainly an exception), but this post, even though ended with the coming of Vanessa, for me, it brought back everything about Kiki. He’s such a legend.

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