A Good Friend


I have a new spoken word single coming out. It should be out by the beginning of next week, hopefully.  I think we can all relate to #SociallyYou when its out and do well to check @mutombodapoet, www.hulkshare.com/mutombo and soundcloud.com/mutombodapoet on Tuesday. Should be out by then. I know I am disturbing you, but please do. If you still don’t have my first album, then go to mutombodapoet.bandcamp.com and check out PHOTOSENTENCES. Buy it too since I need money for my second.

I am not trying to promote my work with this post, not at all. But my work has actually helped me meet so many beautiful people since 2006 when I started this spoken word journey. I had a huge following before I came on twitter in 2010 but I will also say that twitter has helped me push my work, especially for an ‘underground’ artiste like me. ‘Underground’ here means an artiste who has no money to pay payola to the media. I have met so many people and I keep on meeting them, luckily for me, all the people who come my way are so good to me and they help my work in various ways.

But recently, I came across someone who has baffled me with her kindness and ‘warmth’. Our first contact was at the blogcamp awards, I think back in March and when we met, I felt this ‘positivity’ but I did not take that time to really search what feeling was about because I knew it was a one-time meeting. We both do totally different things, and there was not way we would meet again, maybe the next Blogcamp. But that was a big lie! We crossed each other’s path once again and since then it has been frequent, via emails etc. I knew there was this positive energy that was present when we first met, I later found out what it was. It’s got something to do with our month of birth, our date of birth, our star (geez!i don’t believe in star signs but I like the fact that I am a Leo. The Lion!).

I like it when people believe in what I am doing, we just have one life to live, we can’t stay here forever so I believe when people do what they really want to do, I support them as well. Obviously, I wont support anyone who wants to venture into something illegal, nope! This friend made me ‘aware’ of my artform and actually gave me ‘vim’ on the first day. What really moved me was, after reading my previous post about my speech disability, this friend was willing to help me ‘cure’ it. Scheduled a meeting between a Speech Therapist and me and was ready to pay for any cost that would be incurred. How many would do this? I have not been able to meet this Speech Therapist yet, I don’t know if I ever want to because of certain reasons. I believe that when I am able to speak ‘fluidly’, I will always find myself in trouble and I believe the Supreme knew this very well, that is why He gave me a small stammer.

This post is to show my appreciation to this new friend of mine, even though new, words and deeds make it seem like we have known each other for decades. And I believe there are a lot more we can offer each other. A lot more!

Anyway, you need to go to youtube.com/mutombogh and watch the video to my new single I FOR TALK ft M3NSA if you haven’t yet. Thank You!!



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