Get them on Social Media!

I remember trying to convince @ReggieRockstone on so many occasions to stop using his Nokia 1100 and get a smartphone so he could chat and tweet. I also remember that before an interview at Metro TV about 2 years ago, I met Trigmatic (@trigmaticrocks) there and I was told him how twitter was so helpful and taught him how to use it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 1.37.22 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 1.36.15 PM









Now just check out their twitter pages, both of them are so serious on Social Media and I am amazed especially at Rockstone because I thought there was no way grandpapa was going to come on twitter.

As an artiste, I believe social media is a great tool that I need in my life now and ever. I had a following before I came on twitter in April 2010. Before twitter, I was just on facebook and myspace, and those 2 helped in a way, then I came on twitter and experienced ‘magic’. I have been able to spread my works through this medium and the results have been so amazing. I have been contacted by people who put me on shows, interviews and my spoken word tracks have reached people throughout the world.

The world is changing, how things are done is changing and the pendulum is swinging more towards technology. Almost every young person now has a smartphone that can do so many things including taking quality pictures and telling you the calories you have burnt or gained. And we as artistes/performers should take advantage of this great and powerful tool that we hold on our hands.

Being an artiste in Ghana is not easy, getting your work out there so people consume it is really tough, how to get shows and all that never comes easy. I am an artiste and I know what I am talking about. In Ghana, if you don’t have money to push your work, then it is better you quit because coming across someone on radio or tv to help you is really tough unless you have 7 angels following you or you are exceptionally good. Even with that…

Due to the system here, I have always encouraged people to get hooked on social media, that is an alternative and it works. With social media, for example, twitter, you get direct access to a couple of people and when they love your work, they will spread and download. My spoken word tracks get some airtime even though its not enough but social media takes care of the rest. Anytime I have a video or spoken word track out, I put them on my facebook, twitter etc and follower/friends help me spread it. It really works. And the more it spreads, the more radio and tv presenters hear what you have in store then invite you, so it’s more like an attack from the back-door. Here is an example: I uploaded my new single called #SociallyYou days ago and I have 4631 people who have uploaded this track and 3454 (figures at time when I was typing this post) have listened to it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 3.24.29 PM

Yaa Pono of Pidgen Music got his big break through making youtube videos, he is one of so many people who now have deals because they uploaded simple videos they took with their phones onto the internet.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 1.38.55 PM

If you have money to push your work, good for you! But if you are an underground cat who is trying to push then I would advice you to get hooked on social media, there are so many social media ‘apps’ now. Some are Instagram, Path, youtube, keek, facebook and especially twitter. If you can’t sign up on so many, at least get onto twitter because it is so efficient. I am a witness!

Now I know some underground cats wont even see this post because all they do is, get on facebook and say hi to their friends, upload some cool pictures. I know some of you who will see this post know someone who is into the arts. Encourage them to use social media and watch them thank you later.Vim!!

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5 thoughts on “Get them on Social Media!

  1. Vim!!

    Just a little over a year ago when I asked one of my uncles to get me an iPhone he thought (though I’m just guessing) that I wanted it as a status symbol.And of course,smart phones invariably serve as status symbols.But I purposely requested for it for two reasons: so that it will help by bettering (is that correct English) my navigation online.Secondly,because I had a sort of attachment to Apple products though I was yet to own one.

    After a year and some months he got it for me and my online navigation is now sweeter.Notifications and all the shizz nizz (because until I borrowed my brother’s Tecno phone I knew nothing of notifications personally,even for the Tecno,hmmm)

    Indeed the pendulum is swinging towards technology.In the mean time my wallet cries foul because of how expensive online (social media) activities can be.
    All the same we shall do with what we have.

  2. Herh Chaley, serious vim be that oo.
    we all sit back and reflect on how social media has had a positive effect, especially twitter, on us than all the negativities people spread. its awesome to see our artists promoting their works through social media. keep convincing more to come on twitter. we love interacting with u guys.

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